Destiny 2 Titan Behemoth: Everything You Need to Know

Darkness, ice, and big ol' punches. Why ask for anything else?

Earlier this week, we took a look at details Bungie released for the upcoming, new subclass in Destiny 2, the Warlock Shadebinder. This new subclass (and the next couple) are all about Stasis, which is a new element Bungie is introducing with the Beyond Light expansion. Stasis uses ice-like aesthetics, and is about controlling space with things like freezing and slowdown effects. The newest reveal is for the Titan’s new Stasis subclass, called the Behemoth. It isn’t the most creative title around, but this subclass is certainly capable of some cool stuff.

Destiny 2 Titan Behemoth Guide

While the Warlock Shadebinder uses the power of darkness (did Destiny 2 get Norted?) to create a staff out of Stasis energy, the Titan Behemoth uses it to make their fist bigger so they can punch real good. Sure, there’s more nuance to it than that, but does there really need to be? The way Bungie describes it, while the Warlock Shadebinder excels at freezing and the Hunter Revenant (more on that next week) excels at slowing, the Titan Behemoth is about the dichotomy of creation and destruction.

What that seems to mean, is that Behemoths don’t work to control the fight in an abstract way, rather here it’s quite literal. The Behemoth can alter the physical environment with its Stasis abilities, giving them both offensive and defensive options. The first ability is the Shiver Strike, a melee attack that sees the Behemoth use Stasis to create an explosion at their foot for a powerful lunge, followed by a big punch from a Stasis-generated gauntlet. The target clearly won’t have a good time here, but a shockwave will also slow anyone else in the area of effect.

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The Stasis gauntlet once again comes into play for the Behemoth’s Super, called Glacial Quake. This time the Behemoth punches the ground instead of a face, creating a freezing shockwave while simultaneously giving themselves a suit of Stasis armor that boosts physical abilities across the board.

While in the Stasis armor, the Behemoth can instantly shatter any frozen enemy on contact. All you need to do is sprint or slide into them and they’re diamond dust. You can also cancel a slide into a massive jump, and cancel the jump into a big slam. So like, it’s still punching, but turbo-punching.


Behemoths will also have unique Aspects and Fragments to equip, once the update rolls out and Bungie’s new customization system comes into play. These extra tools can do things like extend Slow duration, add power, and more.

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Are you ready to cover your fists in some of that good ol’ darkness juice, freeze it, then punch your surroundings into ice shavings? Or are you still waiting to see what the Hunter Revenant can do? Or maybe you’re already settled on the Warlock Shadebinder, because you’re a big nerd! We kid, but seriously, let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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