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Destiny 2 System Positioning Device Guide – Lumina Exotic Quest

by Ginny Woo

If you’re still on the market for adding more Exotic weapons to your Destiny 2 arsenal, you’re not going to want to skip the Lumina. We’ve briefly covered off getting your hands on this bad boy, but if you want something a little more hands-on to do with one of the earlier steps in the Exotic questline here’s our Destiny 2 System Positioning Device guide.

Destiny 2 System Positioning Device Guide – Lumina Exotic Quest

To kick off the quest chain to acquire this Exotic, you’re going to have to get the ball rolling on A Weapon of Hope. Those already familiar with acquiring Thorn will have no difficulty heading back to the Salt Mines in the EDZ to kick off A Weapon of Hope. Once you loot the chest that you find at the same camp where Thorn was found, you’ll be tasked with using the Destiny 2 System Positioning Device to find a particular location to kick off the next part of the quest. 

The System Positioning Device will randomly spit out one of eight locations for you to visit, where you’re going to need to find a lockbox. This will enable you to start the next part of the quest which involves gathering Orbs of Light, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Here are the eight possible locations that you’ll have to visit because of the Device:

  • Alton Dynamo
  • Excavation Site II on Io
  • High Plains on the Tangled Shore
  • Lighthouse on Mercury
  • Mists on Nessus
  • Shaft 13 in the EDZ
  • Sinking Docks on Titan
  • Spine of Keres at the Dreaming City

If you show up somewhere and the lockbox that you’re looking for isn’t around, that could be because it’s rotated to one of the other locations. The location will rotate every hour for the Destiny 2 System Positioning Device, so just make sure that you don’t take too long to mosey around and get it. Once you’ve found the lockbox, you can move on to the extra bits of the Lumina in no time at all. 

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