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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Changes Guide — Pre-Launch Changes

by Ginny Woo

Trying to keep up with what’s going to happen in the lead-up to Shadowkeep dropping on 1 October? There’s a whole lot of upcoming changes to Destiny 2 as part of the September combat roadmap, and we’re going to break those down for you so you know what to expect. Check out our Destiny 2 Shadowkeep changes guide to keep up to date with the pre-launch changes that will be rolling out before all that sweet free to play content becomes available. 

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Changes Guide — Pre-Launch Changes

One of the major changes happening in the lead up to Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is that Guardians are now going to have more time to complete the Moments of Triumph. You’ll have until 17 September to finish these off and to ensure that you’ve got your share of the masterwork items. Another big change is the increased drop rate when it comes to Gambit Prime and Reckoning rewards. If you’re someone that constantly gets destroyed by RNG, you’ll also be pleased to know that you’ll be guaranteed a weapon drop after being consistently unlucky. 

Speaking of weapons, certain Pinnacle weapon quests are going to be adjusted so that they’re friendlier to players who are wanting to undertake the grind. A lot of the objectives in these quests involve multi-kills and other elaborate methods of murder, so it could be an adjustment to the parts of those which may have been tough to complete previously. 

If you’re someone who’s chasing rewards in the last days of the Season before Shadowkeep, then you’ll be pleased to know that changes will be made to the Reckoning so you’ll be able to farm those rewards in relative peace without the risk of being king-hit to death as often. You’ll also be able to benefit from periods of increased Infamy and Valor in the lead-up to Shadowkeep, and Menagerie chests are going to start giving a little more bang for their buck. It looks like the Emperor’s cool new thing is kindness!

September is going to be full of a bunch of helpful pre-launch tweaks that look like they’ll make it easier for current players to load up on gear and weapons. These Destiny 2 Shadowkeep changes are going to come through in the lead-up to 1 October and hopefully we’ll see a fruitful end to the Season of Opulence before the general public gets reintroduced to Bungie’s prodigal son. Check out our Destiny 2 guides hub for more of the latest and greatest Guardian-related tidbits. 

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