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Destiny 2 Recluse Quest Guide: How to Get The Recluse Pinnacle Weapon

by Ginny Woo

With Destiny 2 Shadowkeep looming large on the horizon, Guardians are scrambling to get their affairs in order before 1 October. Whether you and your squad are trying to get the Community Challenge polished off, or simply trying to polish your Pinnacle weapon collection, there’s a number of different ways to stay occupied while you’re waiting for the new content. If you caught on to our complete Pinnacle weapon guide, then you might already have your sights set on a particular Legendary SMG. Don’t fret, our Destiny 2 Recluse quest guide will help you unlock this Pinnacle weapon.

Destiny 2 Recluse Quest Guide: How to Get The Recluse Pinnacle Weapon

Like a lot of other Pinnacle weapons, The Recluse is locked behind a quest that you’re going to have to puzzle through in order to get this bad boy. However, unlike some of the more elaborate quest chains out there, getting your hands on the Destiny 2 Recluse is actually a fairly straightforward affair so long as you’re clear about what your goals are. 

The first thing you’re going to have to do to pick up the quest called From the Mouths of Babes. In case you weren’t already clued in, you have to get this from Lord Shaxx in The Tower. It’s as easy as browsing his wares and grabbing it from the Pursuits tab. Now, finishing it is where the process can feel like a bit of a slog; to complete this quest, you have to acquire the Stuff of Myth Triumph.

Essentially, getting this Triumph involves you doing the following:

  • Winning Crucible matches
  • Reaching Fabled rank

The first requirement isn’t very difficult on the face of things, but it’s definitely going to be time-consuming. Why? Just winning a normal Crucible match will increase your progress towards this objective (a meter that fills to 100% after a certain amount of wins), but not by a whole lot. If you’re wanting to wash your hands of this part of the quest as quickly as possible, then you’re going to want to play Iron Banner and Competitive matches on rotation. Once you’ve done that, you have to concentrate on reaching Fabled rank.

This is straightforward in execution too: it just involves winning and winning lots. Your wins add to your Glory, and every time you rank up on the Glory ladder, you’ll get rewards. The only way to get your name in the Fabled lights here is to (surprise, surprise) play Iron Banner and Competitive matches. Our recommendation would be to eschew normal Crucible matches entirely to get the most bang for your buck in terms of time spent. Of course, as with any ranking system, losing matches has the possibility of demoting you so make sure that you’re embarking on this with mates who are just as competitive. 

Once you’ve completed both of the requirements i.e. hitting Fabled rank and getting enough wins in the Crucible to fill the objective meter, then all you have to do is hand in the quest and you’ll be presented with your very own Legendary SMG. Congratulations – The Recluse is all yours. Hopefully, our Destiny 2 Recluse quest guide has been helpful. Struggling with getting any other weapon drops? Give our Strange Terrain Destiny 2 guide a crack to help you get the Braytech Osprey. 


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