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Destiny 2 Ralniks’ Hatchet Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re someone that’s looking to make the most of the Lectern of Enchantment in Destiny 2 :Shadowkeep, then you’ll already be familiar with all the Essence quests that you have to farm out if you want to get the most optimal roll for your Moon weapon of choice. Need a complete list of all the possible shooty and stabby things? We’ve got you covered. Got your eye on one particular one? Our Destiny 2 Ralnik’s Hatchet guide will help you piece together the Night Terror sword. 

Destiny 2 Ralniks’ Hatchet Guide – Essence of Jealousy

If you’re not entirely familiar with what you’re going to need Ralniks’ Hatchet for, well, we’ll get you up to speed. If you’re after the Night Terror Moon weapon, then this is an essential component if you want to complete the quest that nets you the sword — Essence of Jealousy. 

To complete the Essence of Jealousy quest and to pick up a Night Terror, you need to have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Finish 50 activities (either Lost Sectors, Patrols, or Public Events) on the Moon
  • Kill 25 enemies with a sword
  • Possess Ralniks’ Hatchet

Destiny 2 Ralniks’ Hatchet Guide – Location

If you’re not quite sure about how to get your paws on Ralniks’ Hatchet, then you’re in luck. It’s not actually that difficult; you’re going to have to do a lot less scouting than some of the other Moon weapon components. 

Our tip would be to head straight for the Anchor of Light. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the area, then you’re likely going to remember that there’s actually a Fallen wreck of sizable proportions just kicking around in the east of the map. Pop into it, and traverse the fairly straight-forward inside. Gun your way through enough dolts and there’ll be a Fallen Captain kicking around: kill him (fanfare optional), and you’ll be able to pick up Ralniks’ Hatchet. Once you’ve got this component, you can take it back to the Lectern of Enchantment for it to work its loot magic on the proceedings. 

Now that you’ve got our guide on where to find the Destiny 2 Ralniks’ Hatchet Moon weapon component, knocking out the roll that you want on this weapon should be a piece of cake. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2? Check out our guide on getting the Loud Racket gun.


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