Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapons Guide

Looking to add these Legendary weapons to your arsenal? Our Destiny 2 Pinnacle weapons guide will help.

If you’ve been keeping on top of the Destiny 2 grind, then you’re probably going to be chomping at the bit to get the best Legendary weapons available. There’s only so much left for completionists to chew through before Shadowkeep makes itself known later this year, and acquiring these Destiny 2 Pinnacle weapons is one of the last things that hardcore players are going to want to tick off their checklist before October. Our guide will give you the low-down on all the Gambit, Vanguard, and Crucible Pinnacle weapons that you can get, along with what you have to do to get them. 

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Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapons – Gambit Pinnacle Weapons


This particular auto-rifle has a very useful perk which keeps you in peak killing machine form for as long as you keep up your stacks up Rampage; your rate of fire will increase proportionately. 

In order to acquire the Breakneck, you have to make sure that you plow through the following requirements in Gambit courtesy of the Drifter: 

  • Finish 40 matches
  • Kill 150 challenging enemies
  • Get 500 kills with an auto-rifle
  • Get 100 auto-rifle multikills


This bow has a perk which increases your draw speed if you get off a precision shot without needing to aim down your sights. 

In order to acquire Hush, you have to make sure that you finish the following objectives in Gamit courtesy of the Drifter:

  • Get Gambit medals
  • Get 1,000 kills with a bow
  • Get 500 precision kills with a bow

21% Delirium

This machine gun has a neat perk which means that picking up ammo reloads it, and it also allows for you to keep stacks of a buff called Killing Tally which increases damage done with the weapon until you either reload or stow it. 

Like the other Gambit precision weapons, you just have to do a couple of things for the Drifter, including:

  • Get 75 multikills of five or more
  • Kill Primevals and Envoys
  • Rest your Infamy

Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapons – Vanguard Pinnacle Weapons

Wendigo GL3

The perk of this grenade launcher is a simple yet deadly one: if you’re consistently netting yourself Orbs of Light, then you’ll get an extra grenade with which to lob at unsuspecting enemies. This has a maximum of six stacks. 

If you want to get this Pinnacle weapon, you’ll have to gear up for some Strikes and knock some objectives out of the park for Zavala, including:

  • Get 1,500 kills with grenade launchers
  • Get 500 multikills with grenade launchers
  • Kill enemies with grenade launchers for points (don’t die!)

Loaded Question

The perk of this rifle means that you do extra damage when the gun’s magazine is full, and enemies will blow themselves up when they die.

Itching to have this question answered involves doing Zavala’s bidding in Strikes or Nightfalls and completing the following requirements:

  • Get 1,000 kills with Arc damage
  • Get 500 fusion rifle kills
  • Finish 40 strikes

Oxygen SR3

This scout rifle essentially creates an explosion if you get enough precision hits while you’re using it. 

To make sure that you’re not starved of oxygen, you’ll have to crunch through these objectives for Zavala in Nightfalls or Strikes:

  • Get 1,000 precision kills
  • Create 500 Orbs of Light
  • Finish Nightfalls or Strikes

Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapons – Crucible Pinnacle Weapons

Luna’s Howl

This hand cannon rewards you for getting headshots. Its special perk means that for every two headshots you get, you’ll trigger Magnificent Howl — this does extra damage to an enemy right afterward. 

If you want to get your hands on Luna’s Howl, then you’ll have to do Shaxx’s bidding as follows:

  • Get 150 Guardian kills with hand cannons in Competitive
  • Get 200 Guardian kills with Solar weapons in Competitive
  • Finish 3 Rumble matches
  • Finish 10 Crucible matches in Competitive
  • Get 100 Guardian precision kills with a hand cannon on Competitive
  • Hit Fabled rank

Not Forgotten

This hand cannon is reminiscent of Luna’s Howl. It has the same perk whereby getting two headshots will give your next shot more damage.

If you want to get Not Forgotten, you’ll already need to have put in the work to acquire Luna’s Howl. Equip the latter and do the following for Shaxx:

  • Get Legend rank in Competitive
  • Get 500 Guardian kills with Luna’s Howl in Competitive


This particular sniper rifle’s perk will suit those who are stingy with their ammo. If you miss a shot while using Revoker, it’ll be returned to the magazine for you to use again. 

You’re going to have to take to the Crucible for Shaxx if you want to get Revoker, and you’ll have to bang out these objectives:

  • Get 500 Guardian kills with rifle headshots
  • Get 300 Guardian kills with sniper rifles
  • Get 3,500 Glory overall in Competitive

The Recluse

The perk that you get from this prized submachine gun means that if you get a kill with any weapon in your arsenal, that’ll translate to a damage buff on the Recluse when you do pull it out. 

Like the other Crucible Pinnacle weapons, you’re going to have to keep Shaxx happy by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Get Crucible wins
  • Hit Fabled rank in Competitive

The Mountaintop

This grenade launcher is a bit of a doozy. Unlike the Wendigo, it just fires one missile at an incredible speed. You also get more points for netting kills with this bad boy in Competitive. 

Shaxx is once again your port of call when it comes to getting this Pinnacle weapon, although there are a couple more hoops to jump through this time compared to some of the other Legendaries you may have already acquired:

  • Get Brave rank in Competitive
  • Finish the Triumph called ‘In Pursuit of Honor’ by getting 750 final blows with a grenade launcher, rapidly defeating 200 opponents, and earning 100 medals
  • Get 750 points worth of kills with a grenade launcher
  • Get Double Play medals with grenade launchers
  • Kill 3 enemies in one life with a grenade launcher

Redrix’s Broadsword

This pulse rifle has a neat perk which jacks up your firing speed if you’re reloading while Outlaw is active. 

To get this particular weapon, you need to complete the following for Shaxx whilst mucking about in the Crucible:

  • Get 100 kills with pulse rifles
  • Hit Valor rank in Heroic
  • Get 150 headshot kills
  • Get 150 kills, 50 apiece with the different elemental types (Arc, Solar, Void)
  • Finish 75 matches, 25 apiece in the different playlists
  • Finish 20 bounties
  • Get 75 Double Play medals
  • Reset your Valor rank 5 times in 1 season

Now that you’ve got the full list of Destiny 2 Pinnacle weapons at your disposal, it’s just a matter of checking them all of by completing the various Triumphs and objectives. Having one of these in your arsenal is definitely going to make all the slaughtering that you’ll have to do to get Calus Tributes a lot easier, not to mention there’s also plenty to shoot at in the European Aerial Zone for this year’s Solstice of Heroes. If you’re unsure where to start with the EAZ, then our guide has you covered. We think having the Wendigo in particular will be a blast!

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