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Destiny 2 Nightfall Guide – August 20

by Ginny Woo

With each weekly reset in Destiny 2 comes a host of new challenges, ranging from new Heroic Strikes, new bosses, raid resets, and new weekly bounties from familiar faces like Werner 99-40. For the lowdown on exactly what changes, check out our weekly reset timer guide. However, if you’re an ardent fan of getting your grubby little paws on Nightfall rewards, then look no further. Our Destiny 2 Nightfall guide will tell you what’s on rotation with the Nightfall Strike this week of August 20, what rewards you can get, and what the challenges are. 

Destiny 2 Nightfall Guide – August 20


As with every weekly reset, the Weekly Nightfall challenge and the Score challenge (to complete a Nightfall with a team score in excess of 100,000) will be available for you to complete again. When you complete a Nightfall, you’ll receive a challenge card if you don’t already have one hanging out in your inventory. If you’re wanting to ensure that you push your score up, then add burns and ensure that you’re cracking into this content at the highest difficulty that you can manage. You’ll be rewarded by completing the score challenge, and also have a chance at Exotic accessories and weapons the more you put in. 

You’re going to want to focus on this week’s options.

Exodus Crash on Nessus

You have to take care of the Fallen that have made themselves a nuisance. In return, you can receive a unique reward in the form of the Impact Velocity Exotic Sparrow. 

Tree of Probabilities on Mercury

You have to deal with the Red Legion wreaking havoc in the Infinite Forest. In return, you can receive a unique reward in the form of the Legendary hand cannon — D.F.A.

The Corrupted in The Dreaming City

You have to assist one of Queen Mara’s confidantes in shaking off Taken possession. In return, you can receive a unique reward in the form of Horror’s Least, which is a Legendary Pulse Rifle.

Now that you have our Destiny 2 Nightfall guide for August 20 well in hand, you’ll be able to sus out which Nightfall challenge you’re wanting to get stuck into, and what you’ll have a chance of receiving in return. Check our Destiny 2 guides hub for a complete list of Nightfall loot that you can pick up from this particular in-game challenge. 



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