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Destiny 2 Mindbender Chest Guide: Where to Find the Hidden Chest

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been taking the scenic route through the current Destiny 2 material that’s available while you get your butt into gear before Shadowkeep, then you may still be working through the Forsaken content. Part of the Forsaken narrative involved defeating the Mindbender, and participating in a rather daring escape from almost certain annihilation in the Ascendant Plane. However, it can sometimes pay to be risky; there’s hidden treasure to be found if you know where to look so just scrambling to the exit like the game tells you to might not be the best option. Our Destiny 2 Mindbender Chest guide will tell you where to find the hidden chest in the Mindhunter mission and what you’ll get.

Destiny 2 Mindbender Chest Guide: Where to Find the Hidden Chest

As mentioned above, in order to be eligible to find the hidden Destiny 2 Mindbender chest, you have to be on the Target: The Mindbender mission. This is part of the Forsaken questline, and you’ll be spirited to the Tangled Shore and to the Mindbender’s lair as part of getting one step closer to eliminating the Hive threat. 

Once you’ve taken care of this particular threat, you’ll realize that your own safety is in jeopardy as the Ascendant Plane is about to blow. Soon, the terrain will become unfriendly; you’ll start taking damage from it, and the game will direct you to a portal to escape. We can’t stress this enough: don’t go through that portal. Instead, ignore your better judgment and head to the east of where the portal is situated to tackle a platforming puzzle. If you’re worrying about plummeting to your doom, we would suggest lighting things up a bit with your trusty Ghost. If you do die, it’s not all bad; you’ll end up back in the room anyway to try again.

Follow the platforms all the way up and you’ll wrap around directly above the portal and be able to loot a key. Once you have this key, your moratorium on not going through the portal is now over. Saunter on through, and look to the east again. There will be a door with some symbols on it engraved in what looks like a circular lock. Use the key that you just obtained on the door, and voila. Opening those doors will give you access to the Destiny 2 Mindbender chest. As part of this, you’ll get the Hiving in Plain Sight triumph, and the Secret Treasure Emblem.

Now that you’ve got your hands on our Destiny 2 Mindbender Chest guide, you should be able to pick up this secret treasure in no time flat. Just make sure that you stay far away from the portal while you’re playing a deadly game of the floor is lava in the Ascendant Plane, at least until you’ve got the key that you need.


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