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Destiny 2 Light and Dark Bounty Guide

by Lucas White

Destiny 2 players are still plugging away at the Solstice of Heroes event, and that means the bounties and other relevant tasks are still running and cycling. One bounty in particular that seems to be tripping some players up this week is Light and Dark. The main issue seems to be some rather unclear instructions, and it isn’t clear if there was a mistake with the in-game text, or if they’re intentionally misleading. Either way, we have a more spelled-out explanation of how to clear Destiny 2’s Light and Dark bounty.

Destiny 2 Light and Dark Bounty Guide

Bounties are generally supposed to be simple tasks with a repeatable requirement, that’s really in place so you can have something to do every week and work towards the Solstice of Heroes armor-pumping goals. But if you start the Light and Dark bounty, you’ll notice when Eva Levante gives it to you the requirement text reads, “get 20 elemental final blows in Gambit.” That sounds simple, but remember that Gambit is a hybrid PvP and PvE mode, and there’s a distinction here the instructions don’t make.

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In reality, you’re supposed to get 20 elemental final blows against Guardians. So while most of a Gambit match is about fighting off enemies, only the potential run-ins with opposing players count towards the Light and Dark bounty. It also seems like Guardian kills in Gambit Prime either don’t count or are inconsistent for some reason, so switching back to classic Gambit for this bounty might be a bit faster. Either way getting Guardian kills can be a real feat in Gambit, since players only cross over into the opposing play area at certain points in a match. This bounty could take a while to complete if you take it, but you do have until September 2, 2020 to get it done.

That’s really all you need to know for Destiny 2’s Light and Dark bounty. That one missing word appears to have caused a lot of confusion for players jumping into Gambit matches and taking out enemies then seeing no progress for the bounty. Hopefully this guide pointing that out helps you get on your way as you chase the Magnificent glow effect for your Solstice of Heroes armor.

Did you figure out the problem here right away, or did the Light and Dark bounty have you scratching your head? Did you already finish out your Solstice of Heroes goal, and simply biding your time until the next event comes? Let us know how things are going for you in Destiny 2 over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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