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Destiny 2 Lavender Ribbon Cookies Recipe and Ingredients

by Nicholas Barth

The Dawning 2019 event has officially arrived in the world of Destiny 2. You know what that means, Guardians! There are now a plethora of tasty recipes you can cook up in the holiday oven of Eva Levante and gift to all of the characters in the popular looter shooter. One of these The Dawning 2019 recipes are Lavender Ribbon Cookies. Fortunately, we have the recipe and ingredients for these Lavender Ribbon Cookies covered for you. 

Destiny 2 Lavender Ribbon Cookies

There are three ingredients that players will need to have if they are to bake these treats successfully. The ingredients are Vex Milk, Personal Touch, and Essence of Dawning. You will need one Vex Milk and one Personal Touch with 15 Essence of Danwing for this particular recipe. 

Guardians can get Vex Milk by eliminating Vex enemies in any activity. Personal Touch can be obtained from defeating enemies using a final melee blow. The essence of Dawning is collected through the completion of activities or Dawning Bounties.

Destiny 2 Lavender Ribbon Cookies 

All that you need to do once you have made the Lavender Ribbon treats by combining these ingredients in Eva’s oven is to head to the hangar in the tower and give the Lavender Ribbon Cookies to Saint-14. Luckily, it should not take you too long to make these tasty treats if you set aside some dedicated time to collecting materials when you are playing in your next session. 

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