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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Quest Glitch: Solving the Grenade Launcher Bug

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying your time with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and you’ve gunned your way through the main story quest then you’re likely about to get knee-deep into some of the other lunar essentials. Namely, we’re talking Iron Banner. We return every season to this race, faithful to a fault, even when there have been a thousand and one reworks to the system that we use to actually earn rewards. And now, there’s a Destiny 2 Iron Banner quest glitch that’s frustrating the hell out of some Guardians. Don’t fret, we’ll help you get your hands on the Iron Banner armor anyway.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Quest Glitch: How to Solve the Glitch

As you may have already gathered, the glitched Iron Banner quest is to do with acquiring the remainder of the armor this season. It’s easy enough to fulfill most of the criteria needed to actually put together the armor pieces: most of the requirements involve getting finishing blows with different types of weapons. 

The problem sets in with the Scour the Rust part of the Iron Banner questline where you’re required to get 10 grenade launcher finishing blows. Unfortunately, this is bugged. It’s bugged to all hell. It doesn’t matter what grenade launcher you use, because this step is just flawed. It won’t register. 

However, we’ve got the solution. If you get 10 SMG finishing blows, it’ll work. As to why this error has been floating around or what caused it, well, we’re about as in the dark as you are. But using your SMG for this step of the Iron Banner quest will make short work of the glitch as your SMG final blows will count as grenade launcher final blows for the purposes of Scour the Rust. It doesn’t matter what SMG you use, so honestly, you’re golden so long as you can yank one out of your inventory to get this bit of the quest done. Once you’ve sorted it out, you’ll be well on your way to collecting all the Iron Banner armor pieces. 

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