The Season of the Worthy has brought new content for Guardians to enjoy in Destiny 2. One piece of this new content is the Seraph Bunker activity, which has been available in the European Dead Zone or EDZ. However, this activity will soon be available on the Moon and the planet of IO. Fortunately, we have the release date of the IO Moon Bunker covered for you so that you know when you will be able to jump into the action. 

Destiny 2 IO Seraph Bunker Release Date

Update: This article previously stated that this piece of content would be arriving on April 3rd. This was incorrect, as this piece of content will be arriving on April 7th. All changes to the piece reflect this correction.

Guardians will be able to venture inside of the Seraph location on IO and rid it of enemies to restore its functioning power to Rasputin on the release date of Tuesday, April 7th. At the time of writing, this means players have a few weeks before they will be able to experience everything this new activity has to offer the community. 

Destiny 2 IO Seraph Bunker Release Date

There is no doubt that there will be plenty of excited players who will be diving into the action when the release date for this particular activity rolls around on April 7th. This Seraph Bunker on IO will likely be similar to the one that players have been experiencing in the EDZ. There is the possibility that Bungie could have some differences ready for those who enter its doors.

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