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Destiny 2 – How to Use Three of Coins

by Josh Hawkins

If you played any of the original Destiny game during the last year or so, then you probably already know what the Three of Coins (3oC for short) is, and what it does. But, if you’re new to Destiny with Destiny 2, then you’re probably wondering what this new item is, and why you should care about it. In this article we’ll go over what the Three of Coins is, how it works, and why you should care about it.

What is Three of Coins?

Three of Coins is a special one-time-use consumable item that players can pick up from Xur when he visits the game world each week. It will cost you 31 Legendary Shards to pick up some Three of Coins from Xur, and when popped they will greatly increase your chances to earn an Exotic Engram from all activities for the next four hours. These are a great item to pop before you head into a public event farming spree, and they’re well worth picking up if you want to collect Exotics and increase your chances of grabbing them.

Should You Buy Three of Coins?

This really all comes down to personal preference, but there are several factors that will help answer this question for each individual player. Do you need a bump in Power and still have activities left to complete for the week? Then you should definitely think about buying a Three of Coins, as it will at least increase the chances of grabbing Exotic Engrams, which can give you a nice Power boost, even if you don’t keep the items.

It’s also useful to pick up this item if you still have a ton of Exotics left to collect, as it can definitely help you knock a few off the list. Just remember that there are always Fated Engrams, which now allow you to get guaranteed Exotic drops of items you do not yet have in your Collection.

How to Use Three of Coins

The best way to make use of this new item in Destiny 2 is to pop it before you head into a grinding session. We’d suggest popping it before you head into your weekly grind to complete the Flashpoint that Cayde gives you, or before you just head out to grind public events. You could also pop it before heading into the strike playlist, just remember that you won’t get as many end rewards doing this, which means you aren’t making the most of the four hours that you have the bonus.

The only real use that you have for the Three of Coins is in farming for more Power. Since Destiny 2’s drop rate for Exotics you already have has proven to be so high, try not to rely on them too much to get items that you want to collect, and instead don’t be afraid to infuse those Exotics you get into other items you already have to help bump your Power up even higher.

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