The raids are a huge part of the Destiny 2 experience. While the initial release tends to fall behind any new content drops, Season of Opulence is trying a different approach. That's right, instead of having to wait you can go and do the brand-new raid right now, as long as you've unlocked it. The key part here is that there are a few little hoops to jump through before you can access the raid, otherwise you'll be stuck wondering why it is you can't get in. In order to help you break into this exciting new activity, here is our guide on Destiny 2 how to unlock the Crown of Sorrow raid.

Destiny 2: How To Unlock the Crown of Sorrow Raid

To gain access to the Crown of Sorrow raid you need to have completed the entire line of quests for An Imperial Summons. This is a rather long chain of quests that includes you killing enemies on Nessus and also taking part in the brand-new menagerie. Unfortunately, if you haven't done this you won't be able to access the raid at all.

You'll be given An Imperial Summons as soon as you load the game up as long as you have access to Season of Opulence. Then you just need to follow the steps along until it has all been completed. You may find that you need to do a bit of grinding though as you'll need to be a fairly high power level in order to actually succeed in many of these sections, so be prepared to put some time in. once it is unlocked it is a simple matter of selecting it from the map. 

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