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Destiny 2: How to Search for Clans With a Clan Finder

Everything's better with friends!

by Shawn Robinson

Destiny 2 is at its best when playing with others, whether it be working through difficult, puzzle-filled raids, slaughtering endless foes in various strike difficulties, or wanting to rip your hair out tackling foes in the Crucible. One easy way to find others to play with is through the game’s various clans, letting you communicate and group up with like-minded folk for any activity. If this interests you, then we have you covered. Here is how to search for clans with a Clan Finder in Destiny 2.

Finding Clans with a Clan Finder in Destiny 2

As it stands, Destiny 2 doesn’t feature a built-in Clan Finder both in-game or in its mobile companion app. Instead, you’re going to need to search elsewhere, but there are a few options when it comes to that. The first option comes way of the Bungie Forums, which hosts a Clan Recruitment section full of clans looking for additional members. All you’ll need to do is click on a clan’s post, ensure you meet any requirements they might have set, then respond accordingly and they’ll get you set up.

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Another option comes through the DestinyClanFinder subreddit, which serves a similar purpose only through Reddit rather than Bungie’s forums. In the end, we’d advise whichever one you might be more familiar with. If familiar with neither, then either should get the job done.

Once you’re part of a clan, there are various ways you can interact with your clanmates to organize group sessions. The easiest of the bunch is through the companion app, which under the Clan tab features a communal chat for you to message others. There’s also a handy Fireteams tab within the Clan tab which shows all the fireteams clanmates have started (along with letting you start your own). Hopefully, you’ll find some new friends along the way.