Destiny 2: How to Complete the Twilight Triumph in Festival of the Lost 2023

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Nothing says “annual holiday event” in Destiny 2 like a unique item hidden behind an extremely time-consuming Triumph. To that end, here’s how to complete Twilight Triumph in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost.

Destiny 2: How to Complete the Twilight Triumph in Festival of the Lost 2023

For quite some time, a secret Triumph has been teasing guardians during the Season of the Witch. But with the release of the Festival of the Lost, we finally know the name of the Triumph, what you’ll need to do to complete it, and the rewards you’ll get for doing so.

The Twilight Triumph in Destiny 2 requires three things:

  • Complete the Fallen SABER strike while wearing a Clovis mask.
  • Get 100 kills on Neomuna while wearing the Nimbus mask.
  • Get 25 finishers in a Legend Haunted Sector while wearing a Tormentor mask.

Completing the Twilight Triumph will get you the Lost Memento.

While this seems easy enough, the biggest hurdle (beyond the amount of time you’ll spend completing this Triumph) is getting the masks.

To get the Clovis Bray Mask, you’ll need to complete the Cryptozoologist quest. This quest requires you to put Manifested Pages in the Book of the Forgotten in the Tower.

You’ll get this quest almost immediately from Eva once you join the Festival of the Lost. She’ll hand you a mask and three Spectral Pages. You’ll then need to complete a Haunted Lost Sector and defeat Headless Ones to get Manifested Pages. Once you have Manifested Pages in your inventory, head back to the Tower and to Eva. To her right, you’ll find a bookstand. Interact with it to find the Book of the Forgotten. Then select Chapter 1 to redeem your Manifested Pages and complete the quest. You’ll get the Clovis Bray Mask, which is an Armor Ornament.

To equip it, go into your character’s menu. Equip any mask you have in your inventory. Click on the mask helmet. Then select “Armor Ornament”. Here, you’ll be able to find the Clovis Bray Mask.

To get the Nimbus Mask, you’ll need to focus an Eerie Engram with Eva. Eerie Engrams are engram drops that can happen at the end of Haunted Lost Sectors, both Legendary and Normal. However, Legendary Haunted Lost Sectors have a higher chance of dropping an Eerie Engram.

Once you have an Eerie Engram, return to Eva in the Tower. In her main menu, you’ll be able to select Focusing. From here, choose which item you’d like to focus your Eerie Engram into. Once you’ve done that, the Nimbus Mask will be available as an Armor Ornament for any mask in your possession.

To get the Tormentor Mask, you just need to defeat 100 Headless Ones in Haunted Lost Sectors. On the first day of the event, only Headless Ones in Legendary Lost Sectors counted. But as of October 19, Headless Ones from normal and Legendary Haunted Lost Sectors will count towards your total.

Once you’ve completed all three events, you just need to go into your Triumph Page in the Season of the Witch and redeem the Lost Memento there.

The Lost Memento is a unique item that is only available during 2023’s Festival of the Lost. You can equip it to one weapon. Once you do, that weapon will get three different vanity flair options:

  •  The Twilight Keepsake shader.
  • The title “Headless Horror”.
  • A tracker for Headless One kills.

It is possible to farm Lost Mementos if you want the title, tracker, or Twilight Keepsake shader on other weapons. To farm Lost Mementos, you’ll need to grind out Eerie Engrams. Once an Eerie Engram is decrypted, there’s a chance for a Lost Memento to drop.

However, only one Lost Memento can be in your inventory at one time. That means you’ll need to keep all Lost Mementos equipped so that the inventory slot isn’t occupied.

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