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Destiny 2 – How to get a Nightfall Ticket, Guided Games Explained

by Josh Hawkins

One of the biggest features that Bungie was excited about bringing to Destiny 2 was its Guided Games system, which allows solo players to team up with groups in an effort to help bridge the gap between parties of players and solo players alike. Right now the feature is still in beta, but it will release fully near the end of September. For now, though, we’ll go over what Guided Games are, and even touch on how you can score yourself a Nightfall Ticket and join the testing phase today.

What is Guided Games?

As we explained above, Guided Games is a new system that Bungie is including in Destiny 2 that will allow solo players, or those missing one or two members for their group, to team up with other players for events like the Nightfall Strike or the Raid. This works similarly to the Looking for Group websites that we have seen in the past, and it will allow you a way to team up with others without having to look for help outside of the game.

 When signed up for Guided Games, players get two options in the Guided Games Screen. They can either register as a Seeker, which is for solo players looking for a group to team up with for the Nightfall or the Raid. Or as a Guide, which is where you’ll sign up if you’re a group looking to straighten out your roster and help solo players through the challenges that lie ahead within the Nightfall Strike or the Raid.

Now, since the Guided Games system is still in beta right now, you’re going to need to have an item called a Nightfall Ticket to sign up as a Seeker. If you want to sign up as a Guide, then at least half of your Fireteam will need to be from the same Clan.

How to Get a Nightfall Ticket

Now that you know more about the Guided Games system, and what it entails, let’s talk about how you can get involved in the Guided Games system during the beta. First, as we stated above, you’re going to need a Nightfall Ticket in order to register as a Seeker. You also have to be willing to commit to the time that is needed to complete the event you choose to do, as well as have access to in-game chat.

Since the Guide Games system is still in beta right now, Nightfall Tickets are few and far between, and unfortunately there isn’t any set way to get one. You can check to see if you received one from Bungie by heading to the Farm or the Tower and checking out your Postmaster, but if you don’t have one waiting for you, then unfortunately you didn’t make the testing cut. Don’t worry, though, as the full release will be coming in the near future.

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