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Destiny 2 – How to Get to 270 Power

by Prima Games Staff

Light level is an important part of Destiny 2. However, some players have been having a hard time getting their level to 270. Fear not, we’re here to help by offering a few suggestions on how to get to 270 power. Just sit back and soak in the knowledge!

How to Get to 270 Power

So you finally beat the story campaign in Destiny 2, you got a good feel of your guardian, been doing Strikes and Crucible until your fingers fall off. You feel that you are now ready to take on the raid…but you are still stuck at 265 power. In this article I am going to go over how you can break past 265 and reach 270 and beyond. It is a lot easier than you would think, though it is going to take a lot of grinding.

First thing to mention is the soft cap on gear. You probably noticed that no matter what you do the gear you are getting won’t go past 265. Well, that is the soft cap on gear. In order to get purple gear past 265 you yourself need to get past 265. Which sounds like a catch 22 but in order to do this you will need to focus on getting Exotics, legendary mods, and luminous engrams.

An easy way to level up your Power is through exotic gear. The fastest way to get exotics is by doing Public Events. You can easily find these on any of the planets and your chance of getting exotics are higher if you trigger the heroic event. You can also get exotics from meditations, strikes, and basically anything else, though again I highly suggest doing Public Events for exotic farming.

A new addition to Destiny 2 are mods, which are little add ons you can apply to your weapons and armor to change stats and apply faster regen on your abilities. There are also legendary mods as well that work just like normal mods, but also increases your power level. Use these mods to help increase your Power past 265.

And finally the fastest way to increase your power is to collect Luminous Engrams. Luminous Engrams are not tied to the 265 soft cap so they can easily get you closer to being raid ready. You get these engrams from completing certain milestones in the game. The ones that say Powerful Gear are the ones that will give you a Luminous Engram. Flashpoints are generally easy to do solo and then you can get them from being in a clan and doing the Nightfall before the reset.

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