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Destiny 2 – How to Delete a Character

by Josh Hawkins

Destiny 2 has finally arrived on the PC, but if you’ve been playing the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, then you might be looking to start a new character and get rid of an old one. Or maybe you accidentally made a character you don’t like on the PC version. No matter what the issue is, this article will go in-depth on how to delete a character in Destiny 2, which will allow you to free up one of your three character slots for later use.

How to Delete a Character in Destiny 2

Deleting a character in the Destiny series is always a big deal. Not only will you lose any equipment that character has on them, you’ll also lose any time that you’ve invested into that character as well. Perhaps that’s why Bungie has made it such a “difficult” task to delete your character in Destiny 2.

The truth is, it really isn’t even that hard to delete a character in Destiny 2. There is one requirement you’ll need to meet though. See, when you first go to login, you have the option to choose your character, or a plus sign icon, which will allow you to create a new character. In order to actually be able to delete a character, you’re going to first have to create a second character. Until you’ve gone through the character creation process, started another character, and finalized it by starting the tutorial, you won’t get the option to delete a character in Destiny 2.

Once you’ve created a second character, and finalized the whole process, then you can back out to the main menu, hover over the character that you wish to delete, and press the button indicated on the screen (F on PC, Square on PlayStation 4). This will allow you to delete the character, free up that slot, and then continue on your way.

Why Delete a Character?

Now that you know how to delete a character, let’s discuss some reasons why deleting a character might be something you’re looking into. For many, they look to delete a character when they make a mistake on their character’s look. Perhaps the most seen reasoning, though, is the fact that someone creates a character, tries out the class that they chose, and then discovers that they just don’t really like that class. It’s something we see a lot in many games—some classes just don’t fit player’s playstyles—and it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

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