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Destiny 2 Hive Locations Guide: Farming Hive on Mars

by Ginny Woo

With the Destiny 2 Community Challenge now making the rounds for everyone, it’s time for Guardians to suit up and head to Mars. If you’re unsure about what Bungie is beseeching you to do in the lead up to Shadowkeep, check out our Destiny 2 Community Challenge guide for the lowdown on all the different objectives. Essentially, we’re gonna be on Hive extermination duty, so our Destiny 2 Hive locations guide is gonna help you track down those pesky enemies and to contribute to the community cause.

Destiny 2 Hive Locations Guide: Farming Hive on Mars

The Hive is a force to be reckoned with throughout the system, and you’ll generally be able to find the Hive on Titan, Mars, and the Dreaming City. However, it’s dealing with them directly on Mars that’s going to stem the bleeding during the Destiny 2 Community Challenge. Luckily enough, our top pick for a Hive farming location on Mars is making sure that you’re involved in Escalation Protocol. It’s easy enough to get one of these events going with pretty much the Guardian population working to complete these Mars objectives, so just bring a gun and some gumption and you’ll be ready.

Making sure that you take down a bunch of Wave 7 Escalation Protocol bosses is one activity that’s part of the Community Challenge, so it’s honestly a matter of killing two birds with one stone. The quickest way to knock out as many Hive enemies as possible is to make sure that one of these events is going at any given time. Sure, you can do something similar on Titan but you won’t be able to count any progress there towards the Community Challenge so we’d recommend that you get yourself to Mars and get your butt into gear. The general rule of thumb here is that public events are gonna be the way to go, so you’ll just want to keep that general tip in mind. 

You can also scout around Mars if you want a bit of a break from running Escalation Protocol; you’re bound to find some of the Hive scattered about as you zoom across the map. This is hardly the most efficient way to get things done, but it’s a thing that you can choose to do. Remember, the Community Challenge is going to require you to kill 300 million Hive enemies on Mars, so we’re all about the quantity here and not necessarily the quality of your scenic Mars tour experience.


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