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Destiny 2 High Value Targets Guide — Locations and Types

by Ginny Woo

If you’re on the hunt for some High Value Targets in Destiny 2, then you’re in luck! These bad boys are tough to get a handle on, mainly because it’s not exactly clear what the game considers a High Value Target. Second of all, they’re pretty hard to actually track down unless you know what they are and where to find them. When you end up in a place with a High Value Target, you’re going to be alerted to this in-game so you can eradicate it for whatever objective you fancy. Check out our Destiny 2 High Value Targets guide to figure out what constitutes such a target, as well as a list of locations where you can find these pesky things. 

Destiny 2 High Value Targets Guide — Locations and Types

We’ve split our comprehensive list of High Value Targets into different in-game locations in Destiny 2, and also noted down which types can be found in which locations. You’re definitely going to have to play a bit of a waiting game when it comes to these Destiny 2 High Value Targets spawning in the zones, so make sure that you’ve got something to keep you occupied while you’re roaming around. 

The European Dead Zone is home to four distinct types of High-Value Targets clustered around the Winding Cove, the Gulch, the Sludge, and Trostland. These particular enemies are:

  • Ransack Servitor
  • Ransack Vandal
  • Impact Centurion
  • Despoiler Captain

Io is home to four distinct types of High Value Targets which are decently spread out. You’ll be wanting to race between the Giant’s Scar, the Rupture, and the Lost Oasis. The zone is incredibly large, which means that you can expect to do a lot of running back and forth while you’re wanting for the game to ping you when one of these enemies comes along:

  • Blighted Centurion
  • Storm Hydra
  • Storm Minotaur

Nessus is a good place to find High Value Targets in Destiny 2, as you only really have to canvass the bit of land to the west of Exodus Black and to the east of Artifact’s Edge. Compared to Io, there’s a lot less ground to cover if you’re just trying to get your High Value Target kills in before dinner. You’ll be able to pick up kills on these two types of targets:

  • Storm Minotaur
  • Despoiler Captain

Titan, much like Nessus, is also home to a much smaller area where these High Value Targets spawn. Luckily for aspiring target farmers, the varieties of enemies here are a little different to those found on Nessus. You’ll have to flit between the Rig and Siren’s Watch on Titan to net these priority kills on the following foes:

  • Despoiler Captain
  • Fissure Knight

Now that you’ve got the locations of these Destiny 2 High Value Targets down, actually taking them down should be a piece of cake so long as you can keep your eye on them when they spawn. As mentioned, it’s a hell of a long waiting game to play just flitting around on your lonesome trying to find those High Value Target, so it might be smart to leave the most convenient locations for last if you’re going to do a loop of all of them. 

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