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Destiny 2 Hall of Wisdom Necromantic Strand Location

by Nicholas Barth

Destiny 2 players currently have their hands full thanks to all of the new content Bungie has added to the high-profile looter-shooter title with the recently released Shadowkeep expansion. There are plenty of activities for Guardians to partake in with one of them being the Essence of Brutality quest. This particular quest will award players with the Loud Lullaby weapon upon completion. However, to complete the Essence of Brutality quest, you must find the location of the Hall of Wisdom and locate the Necromantic Strand item.

Destiny 2 Hall of Wisdom Necromantic Strand Location

Players will find the Destiny 2 Hall of Wisdom location to the right of the icon on the moon map for the Vex Invasion Zone Warpgate Hot Spot. Head through the entrance and make your way down further into the Destiny 2 Hall of Wisdom location. Guardians will eventually find themselves in an open room with various Hive enemies. The Necromantic Strand will be located at the back of this room with the Hive enemies. A white triangle will appear on your screen when you are close to the Necromantic Strand item. 

You can find a visual representation of the Hall of Wisdom location for the Necromantic Strand Destiny 2 item below:

Destiny 2 Hall of Wisdom Necromantic Strand Location

You will be able to move on to the next step of the Destiny 2 Essence of Brutality quest and eventually obtain the Loud Lullaby weapon after gathering the Necromantic Strand item from its Hall of Wisdom location. 

We hope you have an exciting time on your search for the Destiny 2 Necromantic Strand item in its Hall of Wisdom location! Let us know how your adventure goes over on Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to check out our dedicated coverage hub for the looter-shooter for more helpful guides on the newly released Shadowkeep expansion. 

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