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Destiny 2 Guardian Games Event Card Rewards, Listed

Titans won't win, but at least we'll get some sweet loot.

by David Morgan

It’s the time of year that comes exactly once a year, every year. That’s right; it’s time for Titans to lose the annual Destiny 2 Guardian Games. Again. But fret not, because Titan or not, there are rewards aplenty for you to earn regardless of your class inclinations. Here’s every Destiny 2 Guardian Games Event Card reward.

All Destiny 2 Guardian Games Event Card Rewards

It’s important first to make a distinction: there are technically two sets of rewards for the Destiny 2 Guardian Games Event Card. Since their implementation, Event Cards have sported both free challenge rewards as well as unlockable Ticket-based rewards that require a premium upgrade. So let’s look at the notable free rewards first.

Free Rewards

The Burnished Acclaim Shader – Unlocked by banking Medallions during the 2023 Guardian Games. I got 2% progress for banking a single Gold Medallion, so it looks like you’ll need the equivalent of 100 Gold Medallions to unlock it.

The Luminous Paragon Sparrow – Like the Shader, this also requires banking Medallions to unlock, just about twice as many. So buckle up – you’re looking at around 200 Gold Medallion (or equivalent) banks over the course of the Guardian Games to unlock this ride.

This is, of course, in addition to all those juicy Enhancement Cores and Prisms you see on screen, as well as the newly added Strand Scout Rifle and reissued SMG.

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Premium Rewards

When you upgrade your Event Card, you’re instantly granted the following three items:

The Coronal Bloom Shader

The Barnstormer Sparrow

The Championship Dance Emote

The Premium Event Card also includes the rewards seen above in the bottom portion of the screen, including a Ghost Shell, Emote, Transmat Effect, and Ghost Projection. These can be unlocked by spending the Tickets you’ll earn by completing Guardian Games challenges, but only if you’ve purchased the Premium upgrade.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be doing my part by maining Titan and losing… again.