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Destiny 2 Etheric Spiral Guide: How to Farm and Uses

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Destiny 2 Etheric Spiral Guide How to Farm and Uses

Etheric Spiral is a material in Destiny 2 that can be collected on the Tangled Shore and is primarily labeled as redeemable. You may use it to infuse weapons and armor, as well as purchase items from vendors like Spider.

Where to Find Etheric Spiral in Destiny 2

When you are on the Tangled Shore, there are various methods to collect this resource, allowing you to farm it in large amounts. You can find Etheric Spirals all over the place in the location and they are also easy to spot from afar due to their color.

  • One of the best ways to farm Etheric Spiral is to go to Four-Horn Gulch and just roam around the region as they are spread all over the place.
  • They can also be obtained as a reward from some of Spider’s bounties on the Tangled Shore. There are usually around four different bounties that you can accept to get them as a reward.
  • Alternatively, you can obtain Etheric Spirals through engaging in public events, completing Lost Sectors, and accessing the boss cache.
  • There are random chests that lie around the Tangled Shore that also have a chance of containing Etheric Spirals when opened.

What are Etheric Spirals Used for in Destiny 2 Witch Queen?

Despite predictions that Etheric Spirals would be permanently removed from your inventory once the Witch Queen expansion was released, this has not proven to be the case. That said, they can still be traded for Glimmer. Speak with Master Rahool at the Tower to do so. He’s directly to the right of the spawn point.

Under the ‘Curios’ section, you’ll find a variety of items that you can trade with Master Rahool.
The second option available here is to ‘Purchase Glimmer’ for 20 Etheric Spirals.

Press X/A/LMB and you’ll hand them over to him in exchange for 10,000 Glimmer.

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