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Destiny 2 Enkaar Guide: How to Defeat Enkaar for The Last Word

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been trying to find things to do in the lead-up to Destiny 2 Shadowkeep dropping, then you may have already checked out our guide to getting every Pinnacle weapon. If you’re still on the market for rounding up the last few Exotics, then you probably have The Last Word on your list. This fan-favorite hand cannon is making its return, though it’s been balanced a little bit. A crucial part of getting your hands on this bad boy is defeating Enkaar. Our Destiny 2 Enkaar guide will help you get one step closer to The Last Word. 

Destiny 2 Enkaar Guide: How to Defeat Enkaar for The Last Word

If you’re up to kicking Enkaar’s butt, then you’re fairly far along in the questline for The Last Word — The Draw. You’ll have to have completed the following steps before this guide’s information kicks in:

  1. The Cleansing — killing Hive enemies
  2. The Temptation — killing Guardians in the Crucible without dying
  3. The Damnation — killing special enemies in the Lost Sector
  4. Sullied Light — obtaining Etched Crystals and Hive Larvae

Enkaar’s part of The Draw quest is also known as The Conversation. You’ll be tasked with stopping Enkaar, the Anointed. Essentially, he’s going to be holed up down in the Broodhole in the Hive ruins that are by the Thieves’ Landing in the Tangled Shore. Guardians are going to have to clear a path through the Hive ruins by dispatching Wizards and assorted enemies before they get to the Broodhole. Once you’re down in the Broodhole and you’ve stood on a Hive plate (distinctive because of its waypoint), Enkaar will show up. 

Here’s where you need to earn your place as the quickest draw (or the Last Draw, get it?) in Destiny 2. You’ll have to use The Last Word and shoot Enkaar’s weapon out of his right hand whenever it starts to glow. If you mess up the timing on this, your failure will be lethal. You’ll have to repeat this feat three different times and also kill all enemies that spawn in the area, as well as to deal with clones of Enkaar that have the same “shoot the glowing gun” mechanic for you to complete on the pain of death. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to keep The Last Word for good. If you’ve got other questions about playing catch-up in Destiny 2, feel free to check out our Destiny 2 Corsair Down guide for a helping hand with that particular Dreaming City activity.

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