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Destiny 2 Diaviks Mine Imperial Treasure Location

by Nicholas Barth

It is no secret that one of the biggest draws of Destiny 2 for players is searching and finding valuable loot to use in their battles against the forces of the Darkness. One avenue that players can take in finding new loot for their Destiny 2 Guardian is by finding the imperial treasure items that are hidden across the universe of the popular looter shooter title. One imperial treasure can be found in the Diaviks Mine, and we have the location of the Diaviks Mine imperial treasure covered for you. 

Destiny 2 Diaviks Mine Imperial Treasure Location

In order to find this loot-filled item, Guardians will need to make their way to the location of the Tangled Shores. Destiny 2 players will find the quickest way to the Diaviks Mine location and its imperial treasure if they head to Sorik’s Cut first.



Once you have made your way to Sorik’s Cut, turn to your right and enter the cave that can be found on the cliff wall in this particular area. Destiny 2 Guardians will then need to make their way through the passageways of the cave until they find themselves near a Fallen vehicle. 

The Destiny 2 Diaviks Mine item that you have patiently searched for will then be found near this Fallen vehicle and will be completely yours for the taking. 

Players who open the Destiny 2 Diaviks Mine imperial treasure at its hidden location will be rewarded with some valuable imperials, Menagerie runes, and hopefully a piece of powerful gear that will help boost your power level and overall power of your inventory. 

With the location of the Diaviks Mine imperial treasure now in your mind, you will be able to effectively secure some loot and continue in your quest to be the strongest Guardian you can be. 

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