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Destiny 2 – Destroyer of Worlds, Legend of Acrius

by Josh Hawkins

Destiny 2 has tons of Exotic items and other sweet loot for players to find. Sometimes this loot is hidden behind a questline, which players will need to complete in order to unlock the gear that they are looking for. In this article we’ll go over how to complete the Await the World-Eater Quest—which is now called the Destroyed of Worlds quest in Destiny 2—and show you how to unlock another sweet piece of gear for your Guardian.

How to Get the Legend of Acrius

Players can first pick up this quest randomly as they explore the Destiny 2 world, and it likely won’t drop until you reach at least level 20. Because of this, be sure to check out our guide on how to level up quickly in Destiny 2, which will go over all the basics you need to know if you want to level up quickly.

If you’re really trying to get this quest, then we’d suggest maybe trying to complete Public Events in the European Dead Zone. Many players have reported picking it up from these events, and it might be worth trying them out in order to speed up the process in which you acquire the quest.

The first step of the quest requires you to charge up an item in your Power Weapons slot called On the Comms. This portion of the quest required you to retrieve five Red Legion Communications, which can only be acquired by killing Cabal. Now, we’ve heard some reports that players are able to do this in areas like the European Dead Zone, but our On the Comms mission specifically told us to head to Nessus, where we would have to kill Cabal.

Once you’ve dispatched the Cabal, and managed to kill enough to drop five Red Legion Communications, you’ll receive an additional step called “Destroyer of Worlds”. This step was originally called “Await the World-Eater” before the raid released. At this point you’ll need to head into the new raid and complete it. Once you take down the final boss, the quest will update and give you the End the Arms Dealer quest, which requires you to complete the strike quest: The Arms Dealer in the European Dead Zone.

Unlike other strikes, though, you can trigger this particular one while on patrol in the EDZ. This strike comes with a recommended power of 300, which means you’ll want to be very close to that power when completing the quest, especially when you consider that you’ll need to complete the quest within a certain amount of time.

Now, once you’ve completed the strike, you’ll get the quest step Back to the Bazaar, where you’ll need to speak to Benedict 99-40. Not sure how to find him? Check out our guide on where to find Benedict 99-40 in Destiny 2. Once you have talked to the dealer, you’ll acquire the Legend of Acrius weapon. The quest isn’t over just yet, you’ll still need to complete the following three objectives:

  • Eliminate 25 Cabal
  • Eliminate 15 Cabal at close range
  • Eliminate 10 Cabal without reloading

You should now know everything you need to know to get the Legend of Acrius and complete the Destroyer of Worlds quest. Be sure to head back over to our Destiny 2 guide for more helpful articles like this.