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Destiny 2: Customizing Your Ghost

by Lucas White

Bungie is adding more than just a handful of new subclasses when the Beyond Light expansion drops in November for Destiny 2. Plenty of other changes and new features are coming, and Bungie has revealed a new one. This has been a small feature fans have been hoping for a long time, and in just a few months it’s finally happening. Bungie is overhauling how Ghosts work, giving players the ability to customize them to their liking.

How Ghost Customization Works in Destiny 2

When the Shadowkeep expansion came out, Destiny 2 players were finally able to transmogrify their armor, a feature more and more games are embracing. This lets you make your currently-equipped gear look like another piece in your collection. That way, you can still power up with new loot, but keep the look of your favorite, underpowered armor.This philosophy is similarly being applied to Ghosts, the little robot buddies that provide additional effects in addition to their supernatural plot armor.

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Instead of having random perks, after the Beyond Light update, Ghost Shells will have an energy level that’s used by mods you can install. Mods will be obtainable through gameplay means, and will not be available for purchase in the Eververse. Ghost Shells will have four mod slots total, with the fourth requiring Masterwork to unlock. Finally, while you’ll be earning mods through gameplay, there will also be a default set of mods available by default for every Ghost Shell.

As far as the old ghost perks are concerned, many of them will be converted to those default mods we mentioned earlier. Others will be modified to make more sense, such as the cache trackers and destination-specific ones. Some will remain intrinsic to the shells they are unique to, like Kill Tracker and Leviathan Boss Kill. Otherwise, there will be a lot more potential for different kinds of combinations compared to the current state of Destiny 2.

What do you think of this new, upcoming feature, Guardians? Are you stoked to be able to use some of those wackier Ghost Shells, now that they can be viable through these new mods? Or do you prefer the way things are now? Let us know at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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