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Destiny 2 – How to Start Lost Prophecies

by Josh Hawkins

Curse of Osiris—the first big DLC for Destiny 2—is finally here, and players have a completely new planet to explore and adventure on. One of the big new things added in the game are Lost Prophecies, which are little side adventures that players can complete in order to earn Legendary Weapons. There are a total of 11 Lost Prophecies in Curse of Osiris right now, and in this article we’ll go over everything you need to know to get started decrypting these side quests so that you can score some strong Legendary gear.

How to Start Lost Prophecies

Lost Prophecies can be picked up by visiting the lighthouse, where you first meet Brother Vance on Mercury. Once completed these items will reward you with a Legendary Weapon. Of course, before you can start diving into the Lost Prophecies and start earning yourself some new weapons, you’re going to need to meet a few requirements. First, you’ll have to complete the campaign for Curse of Osiris. This isn’t too hard, as the DLC story isn’t all that long.

Once the quest is complete, head back to Mercury and visit Brother Vance inside the Lighthouse to get the first quest for the Lost Prophecies. Once you have the quest, it’s time to complete it. If you played the original Destiny game, then Lost Prophecies will probably remind you quite a bit of the original game’s bounties, which tasked you with completing certain requirements like gathering a certain amount of an item, or killing a certain number of enemies. Check out what you need to complete the Lost Prophecy, and then go out and do it.

How to Complete Lost Prophecies

Much like Bounties from Destiny, Lost Prophecies won’t give you a quest marker to run to, and instead you’ll need to find the resources that are required by simply completing random Public Events, Adventures, Strikes, and other activities. Once you kill enemies, don’t worry too much about finding these items, as you’ll pick them up like any other item—by simply running over them. It’s actually a very simply process, though it might take you some time as some of the ingredients can be tough to get to drop.

Once you have the ingredients, head back to Brother Vance and you can turn it in to receive a completed tablet, which will also reward you with the Legendary Weapon that is included in that Lost Prophecy’s rewards. A light will also appear on the runes of the Weapon Forge in the Lighthouse, signifying which Lost Prophecies you have completed thus far.

Now that you know how to start and complete Lost Prophecies, head over to our all Lost Prophecy rewards guide to see what kind of loot you can expect to get from these items, and make sure you check out our Destiny 2 guide for even more help.