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Destiny 2 Cross Save Guide: How Cross Save Works, Purchases and More

by Ginny Woo

For the first time ever, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is going to bring a major quality-of-life improvement to the series — the ability to play the game on multiple platforms with your progress carrying over. That’s right, cross-saves are here to stay. If you’re someone who’s got a bunch of mates playing across different platforms, then this is going to be one easy way for you to keep your progress centralized. Check out our Destiny 2 Cross Save guide which will explain how Cross Save works, and also help you go through what you’ll need to do if you’ve already been playing on more than one account. 

Destiny 2 Cross Save Guide: How Cross Save Works

The most important thing to note with cross-saving is that it isn’t going to be a miracle solution for everyone who’s played with multiple accounts so far. Cross Save will let you pick ONE Destiny account (your Active Account) that you will be able to access from wherever you actually want to play the game. This service will be entirely free, which is nice, and it’s currently expected to launch on August 21

Cross Save shouldn’t be confused with cross-platform play. It’s meant to give you the freedom of playing on your chosen platform at any given time. If you’re playing on the PC after setting up Cross Save, then you’ll be able to play with other PC players at that time. If you’re playing on the PS4 after setting up Cross Save, then you’ll be able to play with PS4 players. It’s all dependant on the platform. The platforms affected by Cross Save will include PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Stadia. 

If you’re someone who will want to disable Cross Save at some point after it’s been enabled, you can do that. This will enable you to play the characters originally associated with your separate accounts if you’ve previously had one per platform. Disabling Cross Save can be done, but there’s a 90-day cooldown on doing this so if you disable it, you’ll have to wait that long to enable it again. 

Destiny 2 Cross Save Guide: Do Purchases Transfer Over in Cross Save

One thing to note with Cross Save is that it doesn’t quite work like the seamless transition that PC players are going to have from to Steam. If you’ve bought something on the PC store, then it’ll remain on that platform. The same goes with your Silver balances or any games and expansions. It’s not going to merge the data from multiple accounts together: it will only allow you to access one Active Account universally across platforms. The items that your characters pick up on that account will be what moves as part of Cross Save. 

Hopefully our Destiny 2 Cross Save guide has cleared up some questions that you had about how this process will work. Remember: it’s not meant to be an analog for cross-platform play, and you’ll only be able to pick one Active Account to enable this feature for so pick wisely considering the 90-day cooldown on disabling and enabling the feature. If you’re a PC player who’s unsure about how the to Steam transfer is going to work, check out our handy Destiny 2 PC move guide for the details. 

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