The highly anticipated Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2 finally arrived on October 1st. This Shadowkeep expansion has brought a lot of new activities for Destiny 2 Guardians to experience in their playing sessions. One of these exciting new activities is the quest for the Deathbringer exotic rocket launcher. Players will see that this quest is somewhat of a long one that requires them to complete various objectives. You will notice that one of these objectives is to find the location of a bone collector and eliminate it to obtain a bone item. 

If you have been having trouble finding where this particular collector is located, do not worry, as we have the location of this enemy covered for you.  

Destiny 2 Bone Collector Location

Once you have reached the step in the Destiny 2 Deathbringer exotic rocket launcher quest that requires you to find a bone collector, you should head to the moon. According to a video from YouTuber ZaFrostPet, you will then have a high rate of success in finding a Destiny 2 bone collector around the Anchor of Light location on the moon which can be found northeast of the Sanctuary spawn point. 

You can find a visual example of what this enemy looks like below thanks to ZaFrostPet. 

Destiny 2 Bone Collector Location

Guardians will then be able to move onto the next part of the Deathbringer exotic rocket launcher quest following their elimination of the Destiny 2 bone collector. 

We wish you good luck on your search to eliminate a bone collector in Destiny 2! Let us know how your adventure goes over on Twitter and Facebook! Are you looking for more coverage of the new Shadowkeep expansion for the looter-shooter? Be sure to check out our guide for the Pain and Gain quest and our dedicated hub for the high-profile game.