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Destiny 2 – Best Weapons

by Josh Hawkins

Destiny 2 arrives on PC today and fans everywhere will be logging in to enjoy the definitive edition of Bungie’s beloved shoot and loot. As you dive into the game on PC, we thought it would be handy to have a nice list of some of the best weapons that you can get your hands on, so we’ve put together this article, which goes over the best weapons in Destiny 2, including Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons currently available to pick up in the game.

Now, of course, this article isn’t meant to discount the hundreds of other weapons that you’ll find during your time with Destiny 2, and you should always be willing to give new weapons a good try before you simply scrap them. But, if you happen to find one of the weapons on this list, then chances are you’ll want to hold onto it and make use of it in your arsenal.

Better Devils

This Kinetic weapon is perfect for those who love the accuracy and slow fire rate of Destiny’s various Hand Cannons. Not only does the weapon have all-around good stats, but it also comes with bullets that will explode upon impact, allowing you to deal a significant amount of damage to your opponents. Of course, you’ll need to brave the hollows of the Crucible if you want to pick up this weapon, as it can be dropped at the end of a match, or through a Legendary Engram—which can be obtained by handing in tokens to Shaxx as part of the Call to Arms Powerful Engram reward.

MIDA Multi-Tool

This Kinetic Scout Rifle has been on our radars since the game’s first release, where it quickly became one of the best Scout Rifles to get your hands on. The MIDA Multi-Tool holds onto its title as one of the best Exotic Scout Rifles in Destiny 2, and while it will be tough to acquire—as all Exotics are—it’s well worth the grind that will no doubt be waiting for you when you boot up Destiny 2 on PC. For details on how to get the MIDA Multi-Tool, please check out our handy guide.

Uriel’s Gift

This Energy Auto Rifle is extremely valuable in both PvP and PvE instances and we’d recommend grabbing it and holding onto it for a long time if it ever drops for you. It’s a well-rounded Auto Rifle, which isn’t always easy to find, and you’ll see it quite a bit in the Crucible if you spend any amount of time there. It has a great Range, as well as good stats through and through. It can be dropped randomly in the raid, or from Legendary Engrams, so be sure to check it out and give it a try if you pick it up.

Risk Runner

Submachine Guns are interesting weapons when it comes to Destiny 2, and while they don’t have the largest magazines, and some of them fire a bit too fast for most people’s liking, the Risk Runner is by far one of the best that you’ll find in the game. It’s a hard-hitting Energy based weapon, and it can fire up to 900 rounds per minute when the trigger is held down. It’s a beast to have on your person, and definitely a weapon that we would recommend picking up and holding onto. It can be snagged from someone named Asher, who you’ll find while exploring the planet IO.

It Stared Back

Since Swords made an entrance in the first Destiny game, we’ve always found a way to include one in our arsenal in some way, and Destiny 2 is no different. This Power-based weapon, takes the cake when it comes to edged weapons, and it grants some pretty amazing perks—like giving additional ammunition for landing three quick strikes. The perks are only half the battle, though, as the It Stared Back looks like an absolute piece of chaos when you’re wielding it to cut through the masses of Cabal, Vex, and Fallen in your way in Destiny 2. hrough and throughf time there. t  has . It’n PC.

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The Prospector

Grenade Launchers are a new addition to Destiny 2, and while some players like to write them off early on in the game, you’ll find some of the most powerful weapons in this category of weapon. That being said, the Power-based The Prospector is merely one of the best Grenade Launchers we’ve managed to get our hands on, and thus far we haven’t been disappointed by it. Of course, you’ll only be able to get it from Exotic Engrams, which means the grind for this weapon might be a bit tough, depending on how long you put into Destiny 2 each day.-

AS we said before, there are a ton of great weapons in Destiny 2, and this list barely scratches the surface. If you’re looking for more help, you can check out our Destiny 2 guide, where we have some more in-depth articles on how to level up quickly, and even how to get your powers back.-