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Destiny 2 – Best Place to Farm Wizards

by Josh Hawkins

Wizards aren’t nearly as prominent in Destiny 2 as they were in the original Destiny game, but they are still around, and sometimes you’ll need to find and take them out. If you’re playing through the new update for The Dawning, then you’ve probably come across an objective to kill a certain number of Wizards. This can be challenging if you don’t know where to look, so we’ve put together this handy article to show you the best places to farm Wizards in Destiny 2.

As with any farming method in Destiny 2, things take time, and you may need to restart areas to efficiently farm. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, or you don’t enjoy the grind, then you’ll want to simply roam around the area looking for these enemies. But, if you want to minimize the time you’re spending on farming, these are your best options for farming Wizards in Destiny 2.

Best Place to Farm for Wizards

The easiest way to farm for Wizards is to make your way to Titan and visit Sloane, the NPC that accepts Titan’s Tokens. Speak with Sloane and pick up the Adventure called ‘Deathless’. Once you have it, head out into the world and make your way to the marker. The first couple of rooms you enter into should have a Wizard apiece. Kill them and then continue on to find a room with two Wizards inside. Take these Wizards out as well, and your tally should be up to four at this point. If you really want to get through things quickly, simply die and replay this bit over and over until you reach the number of kills that you need.

You can also farm for Wizards by taking on the Witches Ritual public event, where you should be able to score two Wizard kills each event. This event takes place over on Titan as well, and there are only three public events on the list for this planet, so it shouldn’t take too long for it to roll around. The only reason to take the Witches Ritual over the Deathless Adventure is because you can also farm for Thrall kills at the same time, which might be something you need to do if you’ve picked up multiple Gift Schematics over the past couple of days. Of course, if this isn’t the case, running the Deathless Adventure is your best bet to quick success.

Now that you know how to farm for Wizards, and the best places to farm for them, head back over to our Destiny 2 guide and make sure to check out our other guides on how to farm for Servitors, as well as our guide on how to farm for Acolytes. We’ll continue to update you with new content surrounding Destiny 2’s The Dawning, so check back often throughout the event to learn everything that you need to know to succeed and grab all the limited time items that are currently available.

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