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Destiny 2: Ascendant Challenges May 21st to 28th

by John Cooper

The Ascendant Challenges in Destiny 2 have you going into the depths of The Dreaming City to uncover the Ascendant Realm and quell the darkness within them Each challenge demands something different from you and each one will reward you with some fantastic loot. You start each of them by finding the correct area in the world to open up a portal before laying waste to the other realm in order to keep things calm in The Dreaming City itself. Here is how you can complete this week’s challenge. 


How To Start The Challenge

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have a Tincture of Queensfoil. This is a special item that allows you to access the Ascendant Realm and actually complete the challenges. You can get one as a drop from anywhere in The Dreaming City if you spend some time doing Public Events and other map activities and you should eventually come into possession of one as you go. It isn’t a common drop, but if you’re playing anyway then it shouldn’t be an issue. IIf you’re short on time then you can buy one for Huginn in the Harbinger’s Seclude for 50 Baryon Boughs. 

Make sure you get the Weekly Bounty from Petra as, without it, you’ll miss out on the best part of the loot once you’ve finished it. Now that you are ready for the challenge itself, let’s get to it.

The Challenge

You have to make your way to the Gardens of Esila in order to start this challenge. You can find it at the bottom of The Dreaming City Map in the deep south. When you get there you’ll be able to see two large rock formations, simply go past them and you will see the portal. 

This Ascendant Challenge requires you to grab some orbs from around the map and put them in the centre of the level underneath the largest orb. You have to watch out for multiple blights and hordes of enemies, but the challenge itself is actually quite straight forward. Take regular opportunities to take out the enemies whenever you can and you should make it through with no issues. 

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