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Destiny 2 Annihilator Bounty Guide: How to Complete the Annihilator Bounty

by Ginny Woo

With the Destiny 2 Season of Opulence content arguably on its last legs now as it stares down the barrel of Shadowkeep’s launch, there’s plenty of Guardians trying to cram as much as they can out of the bounties currently available. The easiest thing to knock out as you wait for the next wave of in-game content is Calus’ daily bounties. Our Destiny 2 Annihilator Bounty guide will help you complete this bounty and tell you what you can get from it.

Destiny 2 Annihilator Bounty Guide: How to Complete the Annihilator Bounty

First of all, you should note that the Season of Opulence dailies are ones that you pick up from the Visage of Calus in the Tribute Hall. The Emperor, in his infinite golden wisdom, only lets you claim four rewards per day from the bounties that he offers, so keep that in mind. 

The Destiny 2 Annihilator Bounty, should you choose to accept your mission, is a reasonably simple one to complete. You just have to earn multikills against enemies of the Traveler without dying, and you have to get 15 of these multikills. The easiest way to get these multikills in our opinion is to head over to Mars and to start up an Escalation Protocol, or to head to the Tangled Shore and gun around the Empty Tank part of the map to get the enemies that you need. 

We would recommend sinking your teeth into Escalation Protocol just to make sure that you’re making the most of your time; the Destiny 2 Community Challenge goals that Guardians have to knock out pre-Shadowkeep involve making decent headway in Escalation Protocol, so it seems sensible to be efficient here. If you get bored of that, however, then a jaunt around the Tangled Shore is just as viable. Just make sure that you’re aware of what actually constitutes as a multikill — we’ve found that these are counted reliably if you get a group of 5 kills in quick succession and that one such group is counted as a single multikill. You have to get 15 to complete the Destiny 2 Annihilator Bounty, so you’ll want a healthy group of foes to chew through. 

Now that you know what you need to finish the Destiny 2 Annihilator Bounty, our only piece of advice left for you is to keep farming. Once you complete this bounty, you can turn it in to the VIsage of Calus to receive a Boon of Opulence, and Glimmer. Glimmer is handy for all sorts of things in the game, and you can use a Boon of Opulence to get a healthy discount on tributes. Got questions about the ongoing Community Challenge that we mentioned? We’ve got a guide for that too.


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