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Destiny 2 Ana Bray – Best Weapon to Take

by Bryan Dawson

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you should know that any Destiny 2 expansion is going to include a load of new weaponry. Warmind is no exception and some of the new weaponry is discovered via engrams and reward chests, with other weapons coming from specific quests that we’ll dive into in another article. The first weapons you’ll encounter that are tied to quests are handed out by Ana Bray. This article covers which is the best weapon from Ana Bray of the three options you can choose from.

Choose Your Ana Bray Weapon

Ana gives you a choice of three different weapons, and each one is legendary rarity. If you’re on your first run of the Warmind story missions, Ana’s weapon offers a higher drop than anything you own or have equipped at present, but after this initial run you may not have the same experience.

  • Energy Weapon: Kibou AR3 Auto Rifle
  • Energy Weapon: Requim-45 Pulse Rifle
  • Kinetic Weapon: Telemachus-C Scout Rifle

Destiny 2 Ana Bray Weapon

First and foremost, there really isn’t a “best weapon” when you factor in everyone having different play styles and specific preferences. Looking at all three choices in regard to the current meta in Destiny 2, there are some options that start to become favorable, so let’s take a closer look at what’s going on here.

The Telemachus-C is easily compared to the Nameless Midnight for the obvious reason that they’re both kinetic scout rifles. Despite this fact, the Nameless Midnight is definitely the better option of the two. Telemachus-C offers superior impact and range, but it also falls short of Nameless Midnight when it comes to reload speed, stability and handling. If that weren’t enough, it fires 30 less rounds per minute when compared to Nameless Midnight, and only carries 13 rounds instead of 16.

If we turn our attention over to the Requim-45, it’s only right to compare it to The Time-Worn Spire, which is a legendary pulse rifle you can get at the Iron Banner. The Time-Worn Spire is a kinetic weapon, while the Requiem-45 is an energy weapon. The ratings of the two weapons are fairly comparable, but it’s a safe bet to assume the Requiem-45 has better range.

The Time-Worn Spire offers a moderate stability advantage, but both have similar reload speed and handling. In addition, these weapons both fire 540 rounds per minute, while The Time-Worn Spire features an extra round in the magazine (for a total of 37). Both weapons feature the Zen Moment trait, which gives you increased stability while inflicting damage. If you really like The Time-Worn Spire, this should probably be your weapon of choice, if not, consider saving it for another Warmind story run.

Finally, the Kibou AR3 for all intents and purposes is the best weapon for most players to collect from Ana Bray. When compared to Uriel’s Gift, which is an auto rifle that most players likely used in the Crucible for quite some time, Kibou AR3 has the same impact rating, only with superior reload speed,  range, handling and stability. Both weapons fire 450 rounds per minute, but the Kibou AR3 has a 31-round magazine as opposed to the 33-round magazine in Uriel’s Gift. These two weapons are precision frame weapons, while the Kibou AR3 features a trait that causes an elemental damage explosion every time you score a precision kill.

Fear not, the weapon you choose to take from Ana Bray is only effective for a limited time. Each weapon is accessible via the standard loot table, and every time you run through the Warmind story. If you play through the Warmind campaign on all three characters, you can opt to take a different weapon each time.

Once you’ve decided on which weapon you’ll take from Ana Bray, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 game hub for more on everything you’ll need to get a head start in Warmind.

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