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Destiny 2: All You Need to Know About Solstice Packages

by Lucas White

If you’re playing Destiny 2, you’re probably jumping into that sweet, sweet Solstice of Heroes content. As you almost assuredly know by now, the main attraction in Bungie’s yearly summer celebration is a new, fancy set of armor that not only looks rad, but also tends to be useful (at least while the event is active). But that isn’t the only reward you get for participating in the Solstice of Heroes. You can also get items called Solstice Packages, which are effectively fancy loot bundles.

Destiny 2 Solstice Packages Guide

You have to complete a specific task in order to snag yourself some Solstice Packages. To earn them you’ll have to play EAZ runs. When you start one of these, the goal is to search for and take down a number of mini-bosses within an allotted time. Once the time runs out the final boss appears, and taking that down ends the run. Once the run is over, a hidden chest will spawn for each of the mini-bosses you defeated, as well as a chest you get for taking out the final boss.

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You’ll find Solstice Packages as part of the possible contents of these reward chests. In order to open one you’ll need to gather at least 15 Solstice Key Fragments. To earn those, you can find them in these same chests, as well as earn them from Eva’s Bounties or multiplayer games in Strikes or Crucible matches.

In order to get through all the tasks involved in the Solstice of Heroes event, you will eventually run into a requirement to open ten Solstice Packages, and that will crop up for each class. So if you’re trying to do everything, you’re going to be getting pretty familiar with the EAZ area.

If you’re having trouble finding the hidden chests after successful EAZ runs, the Destiny 2 community is working on recording all the locations. The chests do have designated spawning points on the map, but as one user on Reddit discovered, those locations are different from last year’s. They and the other folks over in the community are actively working on creating an updated map though, so make sure to keep tabs there.

Are you making the most of the tail end of summer by grinding EAZ runs and performing those armor upgrade tasks? Is the Solstice of Heroes treating the Destiny 2 community well in 2020? Let us know what you think about all this over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter pages!