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Destiny 2 Alkane Dust Guide: Farming Alkane Dust

by Ginny Woo

If you’re looking for a way to improve your Light level in the lead up to Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, then infusing your gear is one way to do that if you’re finding the grind a little painful. This isn’t the most efficient strategy since the game is pretty good at handing you opportunities to harness as much Powerful gear as possible (we’ve got the Solstice of Heroes still running for a limited time) but this method isn’t totally dead in the water. Check out our Destiny 2 Alkane Dust guide to find out where to get this material that’s used in infusing. 

Destiny 2 Alkane Dust Guide: Farming Alkane Dust

If you’re wanting to upgrade your items, then Alkane Dust is one of the materials that you’re going to want to get your hands on if you want to make the most of the infusion process. You’ll need Dusklight Shards, Phaseglass Needles, and Microphasic Datalattices. You’ll also want a couple of handfuls of Glimmer to push things along. The highest Light level that infused gear can currently reach is 700 so we would keep that in mind before you commit too much time to farming the necessary materials. If you’re at a loss abgout where to find Phaseglass Needles, then we’ve got a guide for that too

If you want Alkane Dust, you’re going to have to zoom your way over to Titan. There’s a whole bunch of ways to actually pick up this material, the easiest of which is just roaming and looting it. You can get this resource from just traversing Titan, opening chests and killing high priority targets. If you’re equipped with a Ghost Shell that helps you detect resources on Titan, then this farming process is probably going to go quicker than most who are just doing it blind. 

Another option is to also finish your fair share of Public Events if you want something a little more involved than just running around and hoping that you’ll happen across something. Another way to get your hands on Alkane Dust is to actually buy it if you’re tired of all the busywork: you can get this Dust from Spider in the Tangled Shore if you give him enough Glimmer or Legendary Shards. 

Now that you’ve got our Destiny 2 Alkane Dust guide to hand, it shouldn’t be difficult to crack into farming this so that you can infuse your gear at your leisure. Need a break from this and want to help out the community? Our Destiny 2 Community Challenge guide will be worth a read.


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