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Tips For Defeating Mickey and Lou in Far Cry New Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

The final Far Cry New Dawn boss fight with the tormenting twins Mickey and Lou can be a rough one. Both carry heavy firepower and have a lot of health to wear down. But with the right preparation, you’ll have an easier time taking the two down and freeing the post-apocalyptic world from their ruthless control.

Preparing For the Mickey and Lou Boss Fight

  • If you’re already stuck in the fight and losing constantly, try quitting out of the mission by going to the menu and selecting “Quit Mission.” This should boot you out of the engagement and back to roaming Hope County. If it doesn’t work, the quit the game and restart it.
  • You’ll need do some major base upgrades if you haven’t already. Of the key specialists is Selene. Do her mission to acquire her for Prosperity and then upgrade the Infirmary all the way so that you’ll have 250 percent health. You’ll need plenty of Ethanol to do this.
  • Recruit Horatio the pig as a Fang for Hire and train him by having him perform 40 kills. His first skill, Pig’s Endurance, is the most important, since it allows him to revive himself if he’s knocked down. The second skill is Shield Break, which does immense damage to anything it the pig’s way.
  • Acquire enough ethanol to fully upgrade the training camp so that all your companions for hire are elite fighters. This will give Horatio an extra edge in the battle.
  • You’ll want to unlock Elite grade weapons, particularly the Radiation-Pink AK-MS and the Blunderbuss MG42. Both will deliver a steady stream of damage to the twins. But getting them won’t be easy. You’ll need ethanol to upgrade the weapon crafting workbench to max level and circuit boards to build the guns. The best way to obtain circuit boards is to go on Expedition missions.
  • Guns are useless if you run out of ammo. So, spend points to upgrade your More Medkits, More Throwables, More Light Ammo, and More Heavy Ammo perks. It’s also a good idea to have the  Well-Armed and Heavily-Armed perks, since they let you carry additional weapons. Perk points can be earned in a variety of ways, including taking outposts, completing challenges, and more.
  • Leave the flamethrower and Molotovs behind. Lou will be armed with a flamethrower and she’s very resistant to fire. So, there’s no need to add to the flames. 

Fighting Mickey and Lou

Once you arrive what’s left of New Eden, head towards the chapel while reviving as many people as you can. They will fight by your side when the time comes. Don’t expect much from them, since they won’t be doing much damage. But at least they’ll distract the two so that you don’t get shot at as much.

Once the cinematic ends, make a dash for the side door of the chapel and run toward the back of the building. There will be a lot of fire being thrown around, so you don’t want to go running straight into it. You should be relatively safe back there until the flames die down a bit. Lou will be roaming around with her flamethrower while Mickey is toward the back of the compound with her sniper rifle.

Once you’re ready, send Horatio after Lou. Once the two are fighting each other, join in by unloading your Blunderbuss MG42 LMG on her. But be sure to use the huts as cover so Mickey can’t snipe you from afar. The bullets should tear through her health bar in short time, especially if you keep the fire concentrated on her head. Run for cover when you need to reload, and remember that there’s an ammo crate next to the church if you need it. Then get back into the fight until Lou goes down.

Make sure Lou is defeated and isn’t getting back up. The it’ll be time to focus on Mickey, but you can take a moment to craft some Medkits and explosives. We don’t recommend using Molotovs on Mickey either, since you don’t want to accidentally limit your movement with uncontrollable fire.

Tag Mickey as soon as you can and send Horatio after her. His charging attacks will prevent Mickey from lining up sniper shots on you. Once again, pull out the Blunderbuss MG42 LMG and get to work firing at her head.

Once Mickey falls, finish her off and bask in your hard-fought victory. 

Prima Games Staff

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