Deadliest Animals in Far Cry 4 – Bengal Tiger, Asian Rhino, Mugger Crocodile

The most dangerous creatures in Far Cry 4. Beware the Snow Leopard and Demon Fish!

Explore Kyrat and you’ll stumble across an animal that’ll kill Ajay Ghale in Far Cry 4. In fact, you’ll soon discover that standing around among the trees, while beautiful, is a really bad idea. You can avoid many of the beasts in this game by checking the map and making note of their locations, but eventually you’ll wind up in a thrilling gun battle with Pagan Min’s goons and accidentally wander into Asian Rhino territory, and it doesn’t matter if you’re on foot or inside a pickup truck. That adorable rhino doubles as a death dealer. 

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Each animal in the game comes with three temperaments. Passive is best since the critter doesn’t pose a threat, Defensive means you should remain a safe distance away, and finally, Aggressive essentially results in game over for you, because that tiger is about to turn Mr. Ghale into lunchmeat. 

Yes, Ajay’s on the bottom of the food chain, but in this feature, we’ll tell you which animal to avoid. That is, unless you have a big game rifle like the .700 Nitro.  Then it’s on. 

Asian Rhino

Although rhinos don’t feast on human flesh, their heads double as battering rams to plow through vehicles. We lost track of the busted trucks and bodies left in a pissed off rhino’s wake. 

Similar to playing American football, the hits you don’t see are the worst, and the same applies to the Asian Rhino in Far Cry 4. You don’t want to get smashed from behind and insta killed. 

Bengal Tiger

Here’s the bad news about this orange ball of fur: when you see one it’s probably too late. These big cats fear nothing and will rip Ajay to pieces using their razor sharp claws. You’ll need heavy firepower and prayers to take one down. Good luck with that.

Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard 

While not as horrifying as a tiger, these kitties don’t take too kindly to getting scratched behind the ears and their bellies rubbed. You generally want to keep your distance and only engage these guys if you have a well-stocked armory, like an M-79 grenade launcher.  Good kitty. Nice kitty. 

Demon Fish 

Think piranha on steroids. These scaly guys are big, mean and have knives for teeth. They’re pretty easy to spot if you take a hard look at any lake you come across, and suffice to say, blindly diving into some water is ill advised. 

Himalayan Brown Bear, White-Chested Bear

Imagine a sumo wrestler, but with claws that’ll slash you to pieces.  Far Cry 4 bears don’t mess around, especially the Himalayan version, which has a higher damage rating (5) than our friend the Bengal Tiger (4).  

Mugger Crocodile 

The thing about these guys is the element of surprise. They lie partially submerged in shallow water, and you’ll often misstake them for plants or god only knows. Step on one and you’re in for a nasty surprise. 

Asian Elephant

Unlock the Elephant Rider skill and these lumbering pachyderms become your best friends, flipping over tricks and flinging bad guys so far they wind up in Far Cry 5. Until that happens, think twice about getting too close to an elephant. Similar to the Himalayan Brown Bear, they carry a damage rating of 5 and will destroy Ajay with one hit.

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