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Dead Rising 4 – How To Make Combo Weapons and Combo Vehicles

by Prima Games Staff

This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to make Combo Weapons and Combo Vehicles in Dead Rising 4. Frank’s back at it again, killing zombies and solving mysteries, and this time with more crazy Combo Weapons. A few fan favorites return in Dead Rising 4 with a few new additions that are more powerful and ridiculous than ever. Using them is important as it will not only make you a zombie killing machine but is one of the most hilarious and enjoyable aspects of the game. Read on to learn how to make combo weapons in Dead Rising 4!

Making Combo Weapons

Making a combo weapon in Dead Rising is always an easy process, but much like in the previous games, you need to have a few things before you can begin.

The first thing you will need is the Combo Weapon blueprint. If there is a specific Combo Weapon you are looking to make and can’t quite find the blueprint, take a look at our Dead Rising 4 Combo Weapon Location guide, it’ll help you track down any Combo Weapon blueprints you might be chasing.

You can check what Combo Weapons you can create at any time by pausing the game, going to the dossier, and shifting to the Combo Guide tab. Here you’ll find all the Combo Weapons you’ve unlocked and what materials you need to make said combo weapon.

After you have the Combo Weapon blueprint you need, the next thing you must do is ensure you have the correct items in order to craft the weapon. The items you need will be displayed in the Dossier and consist of two items. The items will be one specific item and one general item indicated by an icon.

For instance, the Laser Sword’s specific item is Gems, with the general item being a piece of technology, as represented by the computer screen. This means so long as you have Gems handy, you can use any piece of technology you find, such as a computer screen,television screen, cash register, you get the picture!

Once you have the correct items, open up the Combo Guide, highlight the Combo Weapon you wish to craft and press “Combo”. Alternatively, if you have the Improved Crafting Skill from the Survival skill tree you can make Combo Weapons in Dead Rising 4 while they are on the ground next to one another by simply holding B.

Making Combo Vehicles

Making Combo Vehicles in Dead Rising 4 is almost the same as making Combo Weapons. You will need to have the Combo Vehicle blueprint you wish to use and the correct materials. If you’re missing any Combo Vehicles, check out our Dead Rising 4 Combo Vehicle Locations guide.

The difference with making Combo Vehicles is that they need specific items as opposed to a specific and general item. For instance, the Cryonic Commando requires an Antique Car and a Snowmobile.

To craft Combo Vehicles, you will need to have both vehicles next to each other on the ground. Walk up to both vehicles and hold B to start crafting the Combo Vehicle. Frank will combine both vehicles into your new Combo Vehicle, which you’ll then be able to use!

Combo Weapons and Combo Vehicles are now a staple of the Dead Rising series and rightly so. They make you much more powerful while adding plenty of humor to the game. That’s everything you need to know about how to make Combo Weapons and Vehicles in Dead Rising 4.

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