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Dead Rising 4 – How to Level Up Emergency Shelters

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you how to level up the Emergency Shelters in Dead Rising 4. The Emergency Shelters, or Safe Houses, in Dead Rising 4 are where all the survivors go when you rescue them. The Emergency Shelters act as a base of operations during your investigation of Willamette. Each Emergency Shelter has the exact same layout and the same kind of vendors. Here’s how to level up the Emergency Shelters in Dead Rising 4.

How to Level Up Emergency Shelters

In order to level up the Emergency Shelters in Dead Rising 4, you will need to rescue survivors. Every survivor you rescue will fill up the level-up bar that indicates the Emergency Shelter’s level. Typically, it takes two rescued survivors to level up an Emergency Shelter, with level four to five requiring the most survivors.

Each Emergency Shelter is able to reach Level 5. To reach level 5 for each Emergency Shelter, you will need to rescue roughly ten survivors in each of the major sections of Willamette: Willamette Memorial Megaplex, Old Town, West Ridge and North Peak.

Before you begin rescuing survivors in a new area, you will first need to clear all the zombies out of an Emergency Shelter. Once that is done, roughly five survivors will make their way out of the locked rooms to populate the Emergency Shelter, the majority of which act as Vendors who sell Combo Weapons, Combo Vehicles and Training Manuals.

Any time you rescue a survivor, a bar will appear at the top of your screen indicating what Emergency Shelter they’re going to and how far off you are from reaching the next level. Survivors can be found all around the world, either standing up high on kiosks, on the ground surrounded by zombies or even locked up in Obscuris supply crates. It is up to you to clear out the soldiers, hostile survivors or even zombies before the survivor will reward you and flee to the Emergency Shelter.

Unlike previous Dead Rising games, you will not need to escort the survivors back to safety. They will make their own way there. After you have been rewarded for saving them, don’t worry about their wellbeing, as they won’t get attacked by zombies anymore.

Each time you level up the Emergency Shelter, the Vendors will upgrade their wares. If you want to collect all the combo weapons, combo vehicles, and training manuals, you will need to take the time to level all the Emergency Shelters to Level 5.

Emergency Shelters in Dead Rising 4 are an important part in surviving the zombie apocalypse. The survivors within these Emergency Shelters act as vendors, selling you important upgrades, weapons and information to help you kill more zombies. Taking the time to upgrade the Emergency Shelters is a good idea, even if you just want to do it for the Achievements. Remember, as we mentioned in our Dead Rising 4 guide hub, if you want to quickly jump back to the main mall, use the door in the basement of an Emergency Shelter!  If you read this guide, you will now know how to level up the Emergency Shelters in Dead Rising 4.

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