There are a wide variety of weapons in Dead Rising 3 that you'll find at the start of the game. These weapons get strong as you combine them with other weapons. The same concept goes for vehicles as well. You'll drive your first vehicle through a horde of zombies fairly early in the game, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can combine various cars and parts to create more powerful combo vehicles.

Just like with combo weapons, you have to find the blueprints before you can create a combo vehicle. However, there's a little more to combo vehicles than just the blueprints and parts. The normal vehicles in Dead Rising 3 are not created equally, and neither are the zombies.

The blueprints for the 11 combo vehicles are generally found on the ground, and can be located via the in-game map. However, there are a few that are earned by completing missions as well. For example, if you complete chapter 2, you'll earn the blueprints to the junk car. It may not be the best combo vehicle, but it will get you started.

Some vehicles can make it through a throng of "light" zombies with ease, but will have a hard time plowing through some of the "heavier" zombies. Combo vehicles are the same. While any combo vehicle has more health and protection than a normal vehicle, they too are not created equally. For example, the junk car, created by combining the sedan and muscle car, isn't nearly as powerful as the party slapper, created by combining the street cleaner and party van.

Unfortunately, even the most lethal combo vehicle will still succumb to the zombie apocalypse with enough punishment. Luckily you can find previously made combo vehicles at any Wrench-O-Rama location. You won't need to collect the components a second time either, just head to the Wrench-O-Rama, access your work bench and hop in your new (old?) ride. Make sure you get in every combo vehicle you create so they'll appear at the Wrench-O-Rama.

You won't be able to drive everywhere in the game, but there are plenty of open spaces where getting Nick and the other survivors in a vehicle makes going from point A to point B much easier. In addition, it's far easier to save people if you can just run over all of the surrounding zombies instead of having to take them down one at a time.

One final advantage of combo vehicles is the fact that they have a far super drifting ability compared to normal vehicles. When you're driving around corners, even in a normal vehicles you can press and hold A to drift. This swings the back end of the vehicles around as your tires slide on the pavement and you sideswipe any zombies unlucky enough to cross your path. With combo vehicles, they're generally larger, making the drift attack area wider. In addition, because they're more powerful, they can take out stronger zombie types.

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