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Dead Island 2: How to Use The Skope

Get that Skope online.

by Jesse Vitelli

Dead Island 2 has a lot of weird keys and items that seemingly have no use at first. The Skope is absolutely one of these weird items placed around the world of Dead Island 2. So, what does the Skope do, how do you use it? And why are they everywhere? We have the answer on how to use the Skope down below.

Dead Island 2: How to Use The Skope

If you’re looking to use the Skope, which you’ve probably seen a few of them around before, you’ll need to wait until pretty late in the game. You won’t unlock the ability to use these weird Amazon Echo-looking things until you’ve reached the Ocean Avenue location.

As you progress through the story and reach Ocean Avenue, you’ll go to the Skope store and have to reactivate the servers for them. Once this mission is complete, all of the servers for the Skopes will go back online. Now you’ll be able to interact with all of the Skopes you’ve seen around the game.

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Interacting with a Skope will allow you to talk to a certain character and get more backstory and lore about the outbreak, what’s going on in California, and even more.

After receiving the lore and information from the Skope, you’ll receive a new journal entry. You’ll need to talk to all of the different Skopes if you’re trying to 100% Dead Island 2.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to use the Skope in Dead Island 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, stay here at Prima Games. You’ll need to fast travel around the world to be able to access all of the Skopes; check out how to fast-travel in Dead Island 2.

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