Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap Revealed: Changes, Tweaks & More Listed

They better not nerf the Clown.

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It looks like the team at Behaviour is keeping their eyes peeled on player feedback, and the team is making some great changes shortly. Let’s see what Dead by Daylight fans can look forward to in the first half of 2024.

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Dead by Daylight (DBD): January Through June 2024 Roadmap Details

Officially revealed through the Dead by Daylight: Chucky Chapter live stream, player feedback has been taken into account and it looks like plenty of changes are on their way. From accessibility changes to Killer reworks to strengthen or weaken their abilities, these are the changes that we can look forward to in the future.


Everything on the DBD roadmap for 2024 is subject to change. Behavior Interactive has a solid history of consistently meeting its goals, but it’s important to remember that these are just target time frames, and these updates aren’t set in stone.

Dead by Daylight: Now Through March 2024 Changes

The first set of updates was released on January 30th alongside the Dead by Daylight: Alan Wake Half-Chapter DLC. Not only was Alan Wake added to the game as the 40th playable survivor but a slew of changes were also added that focused on QoL, including Killer and perk updates.

Here is a quick look at the full list of changes that have already arrived or are coming to the game shortly. And for a complete detailed overview of the 7.5.0 update, you can check out the full Patch Notes on Dead by Daylight’s support page.

Quality of Life and Gameplay

  • FOV Slider: allows Killer players to widen their field of view.
  • Solution for 3-Gen:
    • buffed the regression caused by kicking a Generator from 2.5% to 5%.
    • each Generator can only suffer eight regression events.
    • survivors failing Skill Checks still regress Generators normally.
    • “gen tapping” is no longer possible.

New Survivor

  • Alan Wake

Killer Updates

  • The Onryo: changes to Demanifested State, Killer Power, VHS Tapes, and several Add-ons.
  • The Hillbilly: many changes to the chainsaw, including its volume, and several Add-ons.
  • The Blight: updates to Add-ons.

Perk Updates

  • Save the Best for Last:
    • You become Obsessed with one Survivor.
    • Earn a Token for each successful basic attack that is not dealt to the Obsession.
    • Each Token grants a stackable 4% (was 5%) decreased successful basic attack cooldown, you can earn up to 6/7/8 tokens. (was 8 tokens)
    • When hitting the Obsession with a basic attack or special attack, lose 2 Tokens. You cannot gain Tokens as long as the Obsession is sacrificed or killed. (adjusted damage source and tokens lost)
  • Grim Embrace:
    • Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a Token, then when you leave a 16 meter range of that hook, all Generators are blocked for 8/10/12 seconds.
    • Upon reaching 4 Tokens, when you leave a 16 meter range of that hook, The Entity instead blocks all Generators for 40 seconds. The Obsession’s aura is revealed to you for 6 seconds. (Increased times, added proximity clause)
  • Quick Gambit:
    • When you are chased by the Killer, see the Auras of Gens within 36 meters.
    • Survivors working on highlighted Generators receive a 6/7/8% speed boost to the repair action.
  • Shadownborn:
    • When blinded by any means, gain a 6/8/10% Haste Status Effect for 10 seconds. 
  • Monitor & Abuse:
    • While in a chase, your Terror Radius is increased by 8 meters. Otherwise, your Terror Radius is decreased by 8 meters.


  • Mount Ormond: improved quality and loops to add gameplay where there wasn’t any.


  • Modifier: Lights out – active from Feb. 7, 2024 11:00am ET to Feb. 14, 2024 11am ET. Visibility is significantly reduced and key gameplay staples are removed.

Dead by Daylight: March Through April 2024

The second set of updates seems to be focused on Statues, Killer Tweaks, and Perk Updates. Here is the full list of changes coming to the game shortly.

Updates to Statuses

  • Mangled

Killer Tweaks

  • The Hag
  • The Pig
  • The Huntress
  • The Demogorgon
  • The Clown
  • The Doctor

Perk Updates

  • Sloppy Butcher

Dead by Daylight: April Through June 2024

The final set of updates seems to be focused on QoL, Perk Update, and Killer Update. Here is the full list of changes coming to the game shortly.

Quality of Life and Gameplay

  • Bloodweb Improvements

Perk Update

  • Ultimate Weapon
  • Decisive Strike

Killer Updates

  • The Twins

As the Development Team mentioned during the stream, there is a chance that things may change during the development time for these updates, so we may see more items added to this list. However, throughout 2023, Behaviour was able to hit every milestone that they mentioned, so we have high hopes for this particular set of updates.

Be sure to keep in the loop with all things Dead by Daylight by checking out our section below to learn more about the game, including finding out who the loudest and quietest survivors are in the game. There’s plenty to learn about Dead by Daylight, and be sure to prepare yourself for all of these upcoming changes.

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