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How to Hunt Animals in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

Finally, there is something else to do in DayZ besides shooting other players. That still seems to be 90 percent of what goes on in the game, but hunting, fishing and campfires are a step in the right direction. At the very least, being able to find something to do outside of the high traffic areas should tone down the bandit activity, even for just a bit.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a nice piece of steak in the zombie apocalypse, the first thing you want to do is get away from big cities like Berezino, Elektro or even Cherno. While some players have complained that animals are hard to find, they are often spotted in open fields far away from the larger towns. It only makes sense. Not only do large animals typically avoid highly populated areas, but this is also a way for the developers to force players to use more of the map.

Moving along, let’s assume that you spot a Deer in an open field as you’re approaching the Northwest Airfield. You have a few options for taking it down, including melee if you’re able to get close enough. Your best bet, however, is to use a Crossbow or Improvised Ashwood Short Bow. Although those are not the most effective weapons for fighting bandits, they barely make any noise and will allow you to hunt without fear of another player hearing your rifle shots.

Once you’ve bagged that 30 point buck, it’s time to make off with the goods. In the case of the Deer, you can expect to get four Raw Deer Steaks and one Deer Pelt. For this, try a Combat Knife or Machete, then approach and skin the dead animal. Once you’ve collected your reward, make sure to hide the body so other players don’t know you’re in the area.

After all that hard work, it’s time to kick back, grill some steaks and enjoy a warm campfire as darkness begins to cover Chernarus. Of course, building one of those is a whole other process. Luckily for you, we wrote about How to Build a Campfire.

Lastly, for players looking for a demonstration of the hunting process, have a look at the video below where YouTube commentator, ChalkOne, does a good job covering all the basics.

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