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DayZ Adds Cannibalism, How to Skin and Eat Humans

by Prima Games Staff

Leave it to DayZ to find an entirely new reason to fear for your life while roaming the open fields of Chernarus. As if Bandits killing you for your Riders Jacket wasn’t scary enough, Survivors must now fear the hungry eyes of Bambis, hoping they haven’t stumbled across a gun and a few bullets.

In what could be considered a very bold addition to the game, Bohemia Interactive added cannibalism to their massively multiplayer survival horror project. After the initial shock of this feature wore off, we feel that the move might actually improve DayZ, adding a new social element that further blurs the lines between good, bad and necessary.

Of course, we aren’t here judge anyone for their choices (we do that in game), so if you’re hungry and cold in Chernarus tonight, build yourself a fire and find yourself some meat.

How to Skin, Quarter and Eat Humans in DayZ

Note: Cannibalism is a part of 0.51 Experimental as of November 14, 2014. It is not in the stable version just yet.

Just like you would hunt any other animals in DayZ, you will need to find and kill a human before you can cook and eat him. The most logical places to find people might (currently) be in Elektro or Cherno, but those are also death traps where you are just as likely to end up being the meal, rather than the chef. Try setting up an ambush along some of the main roads that lead to these cities, then wait for and kill your meal when the opportunity presents itself.

Now that you’ve killed someone, the next step is to skin and quarter them, and for that you are going to need a Knife or possibly a Machete. Put the bladed object in your hand, then crouch and look at the potential dead person in front of you. If you don’t see the option to skin and quarter the body, use your mouse scroll wheel to try and find it. Keep in mind that the condition your blade is in will impact how much meat you get per steak.

With that unfortunate business out of the way, you should now see Raw Human Steak in your inventory. If you don’t, you may not have room in your clothes or backpack, and it’s likely still laying on the ground where the body was located.

We know you’re starving, but before you can alleviate your hunger you’ll need to cook the raw meat. For this you’ll want to build a fire, then add the Raw Human Steak to its inventory slots. Be sure to keep a close eye on your meal as it cooks… if you leave it on the fire too long it will burn. You don’t want to end up eating burnt human flesh. How gross would that be?

Now you know all the steps required to participate in cannibalism and eat human beings in DayZ, and we feel just a little bit dirtier for telling you how. Do us all a favor, Survivor. Head inland and shoot one of the dozens of animals roaming around in the field. We value our flesh.

To see the process of cannibalism from start to finish, have a look at the video below by SepticFalcon.

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