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Dauntless Repeater Guide: How To Become A Gunslinger

by John Cooper

Dauntless is a game all about fighting huge Behemoths in order to try and stop them from overrunning the small village in which you reside. In order to do this, you get to take incredible weapons out into the field with other hunters and show off your prowess in battle. While many of the weapons are close range, the one true long-range weapon is the Repeater. So, in order to help you live the life of your inner gunslinger, here is our Dauntless Repeater guide.

Dauntless Repeater Guide

How To Unlock The Repeater

Unlike the other weapons in Dauntless, the Repeater takes a little bit of effort to actually unlock. The good news is, you can get them pretty quickly if you know how. The first thing you want to do is complete the first weapon and armor crafting quests until you get to the Go Forth and Slay quest. At this point, you need to go and talk to Janek Zai who will then give you the Ironclad Admiral quest. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to craft Repeaters and you can get on with the messy task of filling monsters with holes. 

The Parts And What They Do

The component parts of the Repeaters can be changed as you unlock or craft new ones. It allows the weapons to be very flexible thanks to the different potential combinations you can have and will allow you to build the perfect gun for every situation. 

  • Barrels: Dictate what element your attacks will be
  • Chambers: Change your Skillshot ability
  • Grips: These change your thrown ability
  • Prisms: Prisms control what kind of passive bonus you have

Now that you’ve read our Dauntless Repeater guide you should be ready to go hunting, check out our Dauntless Hub for more tips. You should make sure you follow Prima Games on Twitter too.