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Dauntless Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

by John Cooper

Dauntless is a free-to-play co-op action game that pits you and your team against gigantic monsters called Behemoths. Your aim is to take them down and keep upgrading your gear in order to take more monsters down and eventually become the strongest monster hunter around. You live in the city of Ramsgate and you have to protect it against a constant onslaught of Behemoths in order to keep it safe. Starting off in the world can feel overwhelming, so we have put together this Dauntless beginner’s guide to help you survive.

Dauntless Beginner’s Guide

Once you’ve finished off the tutorial mission you will be put into Ramsgate and be left to your own devices. If you follow the yellow markers on your radar then you’ll come across the quests you need to get stronger. In order to actually go on hunts, you need to go to the Hunt Board which is how you initiate your forays into the wider world, once you’ve chosen what you want to do Dauntless will automatically match you with three other hunters with the same goal. This is the same loop you’ll be following while playing Dauntless so it is worth remembering. 

Learn the Behemoth Attacks

Each of these gigantic beasts has its own attack patterns to learn. If you want to be the best then you need to learn them all. Each attack has a tell that you can learn, and learning them is an essential part of getting better at the game. After a certain point your equipment won’t be enough to carry you through, only skill can do that. So pay attention.

Master the Dodge

Your dodge roll grants a brief window of invincibility as well as moving you out of the way of attacks. You will need to get used to using the dodge roll a lot in order to survive even the most basic fights, so try and learn the timing early on to help you throughout the game. 

Finding the Behemoths

There are no markers to show you where the monsters are, so you need to use your wits. Follow the sounds and sights that could be clues and always look for high ground. CLimbing up nice and high allows you a better view of things and makes it much easier to find the Behemoths. Communication helps a lot here as you and your team can split up while scouting the map for your prey. 

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