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Darksiders 3 Combat Tips

by Larryn Bell

Darksiders 3’s combat is quite challenging at first. While players can improve their skills with a bit of practice, it doesn’t hurt to offer some pointers for those who are just starting out. Below, we’ve come up with several combat tips to help players who are still getting used to the fighting mechanics in Darksiders 3.

Darksiders 3 Combat Tips

Use Toggle Targeting

Darksiders 3 features a targeting system that allows players to lock on to enemies during combat. By default, players must hold down the targeting button to stay locked on an enemy. However, we’ve found it is much easier to change the Target Lock Mode setting to Toggle so that you can focus more on the combat and less on keeping the trigger pressed to stay locked on.

Dodge, Dodge, Dodge

Like her brother Death, Fury can’t block in Darksiders 3. Dodging is a crucial part of combat, not only to keep you out of harms way, but also for executing the Arcane Counter attack, which we will go into below. 

Pull Off Arcane Counters

If you dodge perfectly just before an enemy attack, you can activate your Arcane Counter move by attacking immediately afterward. Arcane Counter attacks deal additional arcane magic and will vary based on the weapon you use for the maneuver. Arcane Counter attacks are a great way to dish out some extra damage to both bosses and regular enemies in Darksiders 3.

Predict Enemy Movements

In order to successfully dodge an incoming attack, you must be able to predict when the attack is coming. Oftentimes, an enemy will give off a clue that they are about to strike–their weapon will glow, they’ll draw back their weapon, etc. Pay attention to how different enemies move and fight so that you can prepare for their attacks and respond properly with a well-timed dodge or counterattack.

Use Shards Before Fights

When you think you’ve stumbled upon a boss room or know that you are about to approach an area full of enemies, don’t be afraid to crush one of your Shard consumables for an added damage, strength, or protection buff during battle. This is particularly useful before fighting the Seven Deadly Sins or facing one of the hidden Chosen mini-bosses. Keep in mind that there’s a short cooldown time after using a consumable though, so you won’t be able to use a Health Shard until the cooldown comes up again.

Lure Single Enemies to You

There are many areas in Darksiders 3 where enemies like to hang out in groups. Fighting multiple enemies at once is an easy way to achieve an early death, so you’ll want to avoid attracting more than one enemy at a time if possible. Single out an enemy and draw their attention away from the pack so that you can fight them alone, picking off each opponent one by one.

Wrath and Havoc Take Time

While your Wrath and Havoc Forms are great tools for dealing additional damage to enemies during a fight, it’s important to time the use of these abilities properly so that you can get the most out of them. When you press the controls to activate either of these abilities, Fury will pause just before executing them, leaving her vulnerable for a moment.

Sometimes this small window is enough time for an enemy to finish you off in one swing, so don’t wait until your on your last bit of health to use these abilities. Also, be sure to turn off your Havoc form when you no longer need it, so that you preserve its energy for future use.

Hopefully these tips will help new players hone their combat skills in Darksiders 3. For more gameplay tips, check out our guides on how to upgrade weapons and enhancements, how to get Essence of a Chosen, and how to switch between hollow forms in Darksiders 3.

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